Creating beautiful holographic hair color with the new FRAMCOLOR BOLD Collection has never been easier. The fifteen beautiful shades allow for unlimited creativity with predictable results. This post will take you through the step-by-step on how to create beautiful holographic hair.

Holographic Hair Color Steps:

  1. To start, the model had a 1/4” of regrowth. To ensure an even result, I began by lightening her regrowth and purifying her ends to avoid any banding.
    Holographic Hair Color - Step 1 Front Holographic Hair Color - Step 1 Back
  2. To lighten the regrowth, I used DECOLOR B Cream Plus with 30 volume.
    Holographic Hair Color - Step 2
  3. Once the retouch formula is on, immediately apply to the mid-shaft to ends. Using DECOLOR B Diamond and 15 volume.
  4. Total processing time is 35 minutes once the mid-shaft and ends are applied.
  5. The goal is to lift hair to a Level 9 or lighter (PRO Tip: Timing and volume usage depends on specific hair types, make sure to adjust for client’s specific hair.)
  6. Once hair is lifted to the desired level 9 rinse completely, leaving no remaining lightener.
  7. Shampoo using framesi COLOR METHOD GO SHAMPOO. DO NOT condition.
    Holographic Hair Color - framesi COLOR METHOD Shampoo Go
  8. Towel dry the hair 80% dry.
    Holographic Hair Color - Step 8
  9. Tone on damp hair using FRAMCOLOR 2001 11A (Ultra Light Silver) with 15 Volume for 20 minutes root to end, to deposit a beautiful light silver tone to the hair.
  10. Make sure the toner is fully saturated into the hair.
    Holographic Hair Color - Step 10
  11. After processing, shampoo using framesi COLOR METHOD GO SHAMPOO. DO NOT condition.
  12. Using a hair dryer, dry the hair completely.
    Holographic Hair Color - Step 12
  13. After decolorizing and toning you will want to make sure the hair is a level 9 or lighter and that there is no banding. This will give you the best results!
    Holographic Hair Color - Step 13
  14. When mixing FRAMCOLOR BOLD be sure to weigh out all of your mixtures , always test them on a white piece of paper before applying them to the hair to ensure you have achieved the desired color. Also keep in mind that the creamy consistency of the color means you will not need to use as much of the product. 
    Holographic Hair Color - FRAMCOLOR BOLD
    For the Holographic look I used FRAMCOLOR BOLD Violet, Yellow, Electric Blue, Pink, and Silver mixed with FRAMCOLOR BOLD Clear:
    30cc FRAMCOLOR BOLD Clear + 1 gram FRAMCOLOR BOLD Violet
    30cc FRAMCOLOR BOLD Clear + 1 gram FRAMCOLOR BOLD Electric Blue
    30cc FRAMCOLOR BOLD Clear + 1 gram FRAMCOLOR BOLD Yellow
    30cc FRAMCOLOR BOLD Clear + 1 gram FRAMCOLOR BOLD Pink
    30cc FRAMCOLOR BOLD Silver
  15. For the next step, make sure to take the time to section the hair. To achieve the final look, I made triangular partings throughout the entire head, creating diamond shapes in the hair.
    Holographic Hair Color - Step 15
  16. Start in the back of the head. Take a subsection of the diamond partings and apply FRAMCOLOR BOLD. The smaller the piece the better the result.
  17. When approaching the crown of the head begin leaving out blonde pieces; this will give you the final opulent look.
    Holographic Hair Color - Step 16
  18. Once you get to the top section, take a larger section to cover the natural part of the hair or where the client parts. For the final look, I finished this section with the Lavender (Clear + Violet).
    Holographic Hair Color - Step 18
    Holographic Hair Color - Purple Hair Color
  19. Process for 20 minutes at room temperature.
  20. Time to rinse! For me, when using a competitor brand, this was the moment I dreaded the most. After all of your hard work you still were not guaranteed a true to tone result.
    Holographic Hair Color - Rainbow Haircolor
    No need to dread the shampoo bowl anymore! FRAMCOLOR BOLD stays true to tone! What you see in your bowl is what you get in your hair!! Rinse with cool water for best results.
    (PRO Tip: Do not use shampoo when rinsing, make sure the water runs clear then use framesi COLOR METHOD POST COLOR and COLOR METHOD MASK for a smooth finish)
  21. Cut the hair to style.
  22. Blow dry the hair using your favorite Framesi styling products. I used FRAMESI COLOR LOVER FLASH DRY and STOP FRIZZ and BY WIO STRAIGHT BALM. After drying and styling, I finished the look with BY SLUSH GLOSS.
    Drying Holographic Hair
  23. The final result. This color is great for a soft reflective and vibrant look! Perfect for Spring and Summer!
    Beautiful Holographic Hair Color Amazing Holographic Hair Color Shinny Holographic Hair Color


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