There is no doubt that FRAMCOLOR BOLD allows for more artistic creativity; from subtle to avant-garde, you can do it all.  This subtly BOLD creation is the perfect way to introduce your clients to fashion color without recreating the rainbow!

Client Consultation:

Typically, as soon as we have a client in our chair we just want to get to work, but the client consultation is so important.  Especially when working with FRAMCOLOR BOLD.  Take the time to get to know the client.  Questions I like to ask during a consultation:


·    “What do you like about your hair currently?”


·   “What would you like to see change?”


·   “What do you do for work?”


·   “What colors do you like/dislike?”


Remember that everyone sees color differently, so be sure that both you and your client understand what they see versus what you see.  For example, someone may think of Rose Gold as more yellow while you see more pink.  Come to an understanding by using examples and swatches.

Preparing the hair:

After the consultation, the decision was made to stick with a more natural shade of gray, but still add some pops of color.  For the accent colors we chose FRAMCOLOR BOLD Silver and Titanium.



It's time to prep the hair.  Her natural level was between 6 and 7.  Her ends were lifted beyond a level 9 and were very porous.  To be able to use the Silver, I needed her hair to be at a level 9, but for the Titanium, the recommended level is a 7.


Here are the steps I took to achieve the final look.

STEP 1: Decolorize


·   Formula: DECOLOR B Cream + Proxima 15 Volume Activator

·   The model only needed lifted one level, so use a low volume activator. Be sure to move quickly and cross over the line of demarcation to avoid banding.

·   Leave the ends out completely to avoid any further damage.


TECH TIP: Be sure to keep a close eye on your sections. Once you’ve reached the proper level, spray the section with water to avoid over processing.

STEP 2: Toning


It is important to not skip this step-you want to ensure an even canvas to work with.


·   “Formula: FRAMCOLOR Eclectic 9SE + 8CT equal parts with Basic Activator.

  o   The CT will help take out some warmth while still leaving enough remaining pigment and the SE will leave a nice, violet undertone and condition the ends.

·   Apply at the bowl to towel dried hair.

·   Process 15 minutes.

·   Shampoo but DO NOT condition.

STEP 3: Formulate


·   Formula A: FRAMCOLOR Eclectic 15cc 7SE + 30cc Basic Activator

·   Formula B: FRAMCOLOR BOLD Silver (30cc) + FRAMCOLOR BOLD Violet (.25g)

·   Formula C: FRAMCOLOR BOLD Titanium (30cc) + FRAMCOLOR BOLD Orange (1g)


Be sure to test any BOLD mixtures on a piece of white paper before applying to your client's hair.


The silver mixture will change the tone of the color by giving it a violet undertone, allowing for a brighter silver, while the orange in the titanium will help kick out any blue undertones that may occur during the developing process.


STEP 4: Application
·   Using the Framesi Vertigo technique. 
·   Start by applying Formula A to the regrowth area.

·   Take a diamond shaped section at the crown of the hair and apply Formula A from root to end.  Wrap the hair, and cover with a framesi Visible.

·   Vary the remaining sections in size. Alternate between Formula A, B, and C.  Use less color for the thinner sections and more color for larger sections.  You have control when creating depth and light.  For this particular client I used more of Formula A than B & C.

·   Separate each section with a framesi Visible.


·   Process for 35 minutes to ensure that Formula A has fully developed.

STEP 5: Final Process


·   Rinse the hair thoroughly in cool water.  Though you are using FRAMCOLOR Eclectic, do NOT shampoo the hair.  I suggest using Color Method Post Color and Color Method Mask.  Let the Color Method products sit on the hair for 1-2 minutes to seal the cuticle, then rinse again with cool water.

·   Before blow drying, I like to use BY WIO Straight Balm, COLOR LOVER Stop Frizz and, my favorite product when blow drying, COLOR LOVER Flash Dry!

·   Curl the hair using BY Pearl Mist Hairspray Light


·      To finish the look, pull the curls out using BY Slush Gloss to add shine and control.


The final look is a subtle approach to adding FRAMCOLOR BOLD to an everyday look!


framesi is dedicated to you, the professional. Our products have always been professional only and are sold exclusively to licensed hairdressers. framesi never sells its products to retail chains or discount beauty outlets. So when you use framesi, you know you are giving your clients the best that only you can give.