The Science Behind Shimmer
5 Minute Highlights
Start to Finish™

SHIMMER is composed of Panthenol and powerful Cationic Conditioning agents that form a Thermal Protection shield around the hair. This in turn protects the hair cuticle from the heat generated by the Flat Iron while it is passing over the hair. The heat from the Flat Iron ACTIVATES the peroxide WITHOUT damaging the hair while moisturizing the hair at the same time and creating a protective barrier around the hair cuticle.

Using agents like Silicone Quaternium-22, which provides triple cationic charge-strong heat protection, allows for the hair to retain protection during and after the Flat Ironing process. While passing the Flat Iron, the steam released is the water in these elements evaporating leaving behind the protective agents having been absorbed by the hair cuticle. Once the hair is dry, there is no residue left on the hair and no rinsing required.

The results are permanent highlights, up to 2 levels of lift on tone, without damage to the hair cuticle. In fact, the hair is moisturized and protected from any negative effects from the Flat Iron heat.

“Welcome to the Future With Patent Pending Shimmer, Where Flat Ironing Hair While Wet and 5 Minute Highlights Become a Reality”

Shimmer with a 2.5 pH
closes cuticle for
superior shine

  • Always wear gloves
  • Test strand recommended
  • No more than 6 passes of the Flat Iron over the hair
  • Set Flat Iron Heat at 350˚ – 375˚F, NO HIGHER
  • DO NOT use on previously bleached,
    damaged or compromised hair
  • DO NOT exceed two applications on the same section 


Professional use only. Follow all manufacturer’s instructions found on package. Individual results may vary.


framesi® is dedicated to you, the professional. Our products have always been professional only and are sold exclusively to licensed hairdressers. framesi® never sells its products to retail chains or discount beauty outlets. So when you use framesi®, you know you are giving your clients the best that only you can give.