Stylists Talk : framesi FAST : Carter Lund

Carter Lund, framesi Artistic Team Member, shares a story about how, with the framesi FAST suite of products, he was able to fit in a new client for an emergency appointment the day of, despite having a packed schedule!


A *MUST SEE* video see to learn from his story and navigate your book without sacrificing the number or quality of your services!


“Good day to all you salon professionals out there in the World Wide Web.

My name is Carter Lund and I represent a Carter T. Lund Salon and I’m going to share some valuable information for you and your peers that are going to help you increase your productivity, make raving fans out of your guests, and maybe even help you through the craziness that’s going to happen as soon as everybody opens up to start doing all the guests that we’ve been missing.

First off, let me share an experience that happened right before the shutdown.

I had a first-time guest call the salon saying that she was going to be having some photographs taken for her engagement pictures.

And we all know what that’s like, right?

Well, everybody in the salon was slammed. We didn’t have a whole lot of time to do this but we asked her to come in and we would take care of her anyway. And the reason why we could do this is because of a system of products called framesi FAST from framesi.

So, the first-time guests rolls in, she sits in my chair we go over the consultation.

What she wanted was some highlights and some lowlights. So what I was able to do is I was able to use Decolor B Diamond as a highlight and use FRAMCOLOR (2001) INTENSE as a lowlight.

Now, she looked beautiful afterwards.

But, the main thing that allowed me to process her haircolor and, believe it or not, 20 seconds after the application of lowlights on highlights, was this invaluable tool called STRIKE4 (Flat Iron) thermal Processing (Sheets) papers.

Once I highlighted her hair and lowlighted with these papers, I hit him with a flat iron. Five passes each one. She was literally processed in 20 seconds.

We shampooed her, we conditioned her. Boom. Whalah.

She looked at her hair and she was just incredibly shocked because no one was able, ever able, to do anything of that nature and in such small amount of time.

So you’re probably asking: Well, what does that mean to me?

Well think about it.

You haven’t been doing hair for about two months. You have a whole backlog of guests who are already booked during those two months, plus all the people that are already on your books. And if you’re like me or anybody else, you don’t have time to do them, except now we do.

Now we can take our books and navigate them around and instead of taking an hour and a half to two hours to do a color application, by utilizing FRAMCOLOR (2001) INTENSE by utilizing STRIKE4 (Flat Iron Processing Sheets) papers: you can now do a highlight lowlight, guess what? 15 to 20 minutes application, 20 seconds processing, shampoo condition, blow dry, style, out the door, in guess what? 30 to 45 minutes, MAX.

Now, you’re probably wondering, there’s no way that’s going to happen. But I promise you, check out the STRIKE4, check out the FRAMCOLOR INTENSE. Processing in HALF THE TIME.

It works. It’s going to benefit you and I’m so excited to share this information with you.

So do me a favor, go out there. Service your guests who’ve been missing you, because guess what?

We’re the only people in the industry that have the ability to not only make our guests look good, but feel good as well. And if you can do that now during these trying times utilize and FRAMCOLOR (2001) INTENSE, STRIKE4 (Flat Iron Processing Sheets), the whole framesi FAST color system.

Go for it. Create raving fans.

Have a great time everybody. Looking forward to hearing from everybody and seeing you all soon.

Have a great framesi day.”

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