Stylists Talk : framesi FAST : Charli Murray

Check out how Charli Murray, framesi Artistic Team Member, discovers a complete GAME CHANGER behind the chair!


She can’t wait to transfer all her clients’ formulas to FRAMCOLOR 2001 INTENSE to process all her clients in HALF THE TIME!


A *MUST SEE* video on how FRAMCOLOR 2001 INTENSE is changing the game.


“Hi, guys.

So, next week, I get to go back behind the chair. I’m so excited!

When I started working my schedule, I realized: Holy crap! How am I going to accommodate the amount of people that are used to with double booking and working with an assistant…and those are no longer options for me?

And I know there’s a lot of stylists that work the same way or even just double booking maybe without an assistant.

So then I realized for framesi already answered this for me: they have an entire series called framesi FAST.

Within this series, there are multiple products, multiple tools, to help you save time behind the chair.

 But I am going to focus on one, I’m going to focus on my favorite: framesi (FRAMCOLOR 2001) INTENSE, this is a color that processes in HALF THE TIME.

So what does that mean?

What that means for me is that if I say I have five clients in a day: I’ve just cut their 30 minute processing time into 15.

Because that’s half of what I would normally do.

At the end of the day, that means another client.

That means one more person I can accommodate throughout this.

And that’s huge right now. 

We’ve been out of work for a month or more. And one more client a day like yes, that’s slow and steady, but it’s gonna be so much of a game changer.

So I’m super excited to make sure that every single client is transferred to a formula using framesi (FRAMCOLOR 2001) INTENSE. It’s part of our (FRAMCOLOR) 2001 (permanent haircolor) line.

There are a handful of shades now that they can be intermixed so the possibilities are absolutely endless.

I can’t wait to see all my lovely clients again and incorporate from framesi FAST into their lives and hopefully it changes as much as it does mine.”

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