Stylists Talk : framesi FAST : Katie Prewitt

Katie Prewitt, framesi Artistic Team Member, spotlights two of her favorite products within the framesi FAST suite of products that have (1) helped her behind the chair, (2) made life easier, and (3) service MORE clients without having to work longer! Check out how she utilizes STRIKE4 Flat Iron Processing Sheets as well as FRAMCOLOR 2001 INTENSE to take time back in her salon.


A *MUST SEE* video to learn how you can reap the same benefits with framesi FAST!


“Hey you guys, it’s Katie with framesi North America and also a member of the Italian Style team.

I do have a question for all you stylist out there….

What is the one thing that you need more of behind the chair and also in life in general?

You can’t buy more of it.

You can’t take it back once it’s gone.

And that’s TIME.

And today I’m going to tell you what framesi has created to give you, the stylist, more time and get your TIME BACK…and that is framesi FAST.

And today, I do want to talk about two of my favorite products that have actually helped me behind the chair. Have made life easier. And also, I’m able to do more clients behind the chair and not working longer.

Pretty awesome, right?!

My first tool: I love to use is STRIKE4 (Flat Iron) Processing Sheets. These are amazing and these have saved my life.

Also, when a client last minute, decides they want a pop of something else in their hair and try to catch me off guard…no worries! This process is only 20 seconds and it’s utilized by the flat iron.

Also, now we do have STRIKE4XL (Flat Iron Processing Sheets) available. They’re pretty awesome.

Second: I am gonna talk about our new FRAMCOLOR 2001 INTENSE color line. This color line processes color in HALF THE TIME, HALF THE TIME as traditional color. Who doesn’t like that?!

With this line also, this is our most vibrant, coolest, creative shades that we have out there: Intense reds, deep violet, nice mochas, everything you need and 100% great coverage.

And I do want to show you two of my mannequins just so you guys can see what I’m talking about.

What I’m talking about: Dimension, Beautiful, Vibrant Color. This is done with STRIKE4 Processing Sheets, only 20 seconds.  I absolutely love our Reds.

Second, I do want to talk about this: *second mannequin head*

This is done using our Color Me Diamond Technique. It’s a class that we do offer (a technique within the framesi FAST suite) and it’s super fun hands on class. This, all over highlighted look, from start to finish, styles you can do in 35 minutes.

Amazing, right?

So, when you go back to work you guys, think about it. Think about your time. Your clients. What you can do in that time.

You don’t need to be working longer. But you can add more and get your time back with framesi FAST.

Thank you. Have a good day.”

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