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Check out how Lanette Dwyer, framesi Creative Director, is utilizing framesi FAST to increase her bottom line while complying to social distancing guidelines. Embracing new technology and techniques to not only create better beauty, but a better bottom line.


A *MUST SEE* video to prepare for a successful salon reopening while making up for lost revenue!


“Hi, my name is Lynette Dwyer, creative director for framesi North America. I’m also a stylist and a salon owner.

Well, framesi FAST. Something that took me a little bit of time to grab ahold of, to understand. I’m not good with change, but our forced sabbatical has really made me change the way that I think.

Although I implemented framesi FAST into my salon over the last year…trust me…it did not come without me fighting it. I fought it every step of the way because change is never fun.

I always love new colors, new brands, new concepts.  But to change my actual booking in the salon was something that I was very resistant to, until the past year…

Framesi FAST: the concept. Gives us the opportunity to create better beauty on our clients in a more expedient way. It’s not just the color product, but it’s the tools, the techniques, and the way that we have the opportunity to do more in less time.

Prior to our sabbatical, as I’d like to call it, clients wanted to get in and out of the salon.

Well I have to tell you: Now, we are going to have to get our clients in and out of the salon in order to produce and accommodate, based on the timing that we are going to be forced to use for social distancing.

So, FRAMCOLOR 2001 INTENSE. It’s haircolor that processes in HALF THE AMOUNT OF TIMEPERFECT gray coverage, AMAZING tones : HALF THE AMOUNT OF TIME.

I always looked at it as: “Okay, this is great. Especially when I’m doing highlights of some sort, or some sort of dimensional color; I can place my foils in there or my papers, my STRIKE4 (Flat Iron Processing Sheets) papers, and I can go back in and I can put my base color on and in between, and I don’t have to worry about my highlight being done, or not done, or which part of that haircut was going to get done first and compromise the other one.”

So I always looked at these concepts as helping me in that manner.

Now…I have to look at it that way, and then some.

Now we’re going to have to turn around utilize this to increase our bottom line.

So not only are we going to have better beauty, we’re gonna have a better bottom line. Because if we didn’t utilize and grasp this concept, we maybe are going to see eight clients in a day.

With the utilization of framesi FAST : the brands, the concepts, amazing integrity of the hair, incredible gray coverage, half the amount of time.

We’re also going to have clients that we’re going to need to do color correction on. It may take a couple of hours…but those couple of hours is not going to allow us to accommodate other clients who are really looking forward to seeing us and getting their hair done.

So with that being said, even color correction is going to be easier.

In order to decolorize, we can use our STRIKE4 (Flat Iron Processing Sheets) papers with one of our lighteners (DECOLOR B LIGHTENERS).

So that the decolorizing process, or the removal of color, because maybe someone decided to be a kitchen magician, made their hair too dark, we can go in with our STRIKE4 (Flat Iron Processing Sheets) and our lightener and remove that.

Or what about a virgin application going lighter? Something that would normally take us quite a bit of time.

Well now, if we use our FRAMCOLOR 2001 INTENSE that processes in HALF THE AMOUNT OF TIME… well our virgin application going lighter is GOING TO BE DONE IN HALF THE AMOUNT OF TIME.

So all of these things that I have to tell you, I’ve expected from framesi.  I’ve taken for granted. I’ve resisted the change.

But now, there’s no way that I could accommodate my needs as a salon owner, of a bottom line, as well as the needs of my clients that are going to be fighting through that front door.

There is no way.

So framesi FAST, with all of our color brands, especially FRAMCOLOR 2001 INTENSE, FRAMCOLOR 2001 Light&Shine, in our STRIKE4 (Flat Iron Processing Sheets) papers, no doubt, it will accomplish everything that we need to accomplish when we get back behind the chair.

Thank you.”

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