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Check out how Mickey Svercevic, framesi Artistic Team Member, is changing the game with his use of the framesi FAST products. 


A *MUST SEE* video on how to generate more revenue in the salon!


“Good day, guys.

I’ve never thought in a million years that we’re going to be facing what we’re facing today. This is a challenge. As much as a challenge for us hairdressers, but it’s a challenge for everybody around the world. How things are changing in on today’s planet.

First and foremost, I have to thank the front workers for putting themselves at risk for us.

As the dilemma continues, us hairdressers have a big major problem: It’s what you call: TIME.

It’s a big setback for us. And let me tell you, when we go back to the salon, we need to find ways to speed up process to help us push clients out the door.

And the thing is, is that I’ve come across this amazing product line that’s going to be the answer to your needs. (FRAMCOLOR 2001 INTENSE)

As a business owner, I wanted to make sure that I get the right product for the best price. And the good thing about this color line is that it’s actually 1:2, which means it’s one part color, two parts peroxideSo you can virtually get two applications in one tube, which is unheard of.

But not only that, it’s also a product that actually can speed your process and capture time by half.

We’re talking about 20 minute applications.

We also have the STRIKE4 (Flat Iron Processing Sheets), which can give you highlights in 20 seconds.

Framesi is actually on the front foot of technology of speeding things up.

And this is a perfect time for them to actually step up the game, right now, because time is money.

And let me tell you, this is a crisis now, as hairdressers, that we’re going to be backlogged with a lot of clients.

With the (FRAMCOLOR) 2001 INTENSE I would like to let everybody know that it is an award winning color. And we are so happy and pleased that we actually won this award last year. Now I’m sure we’re going to be winning these awards again.

But here at framesi, we’re not just here to set the trend. We’ll bring you the trend. We will teach you and we will step right behind you and give you guidance every way we possibly can.

The technology that comes from framesi is unbelievable and surpass.

Our formulas are formulated in Italy. We all know the Italians really know how to make things and put things together. I know that, I’m half Italian.

We at framesi, we have a saying, “Take Back Time.”

This brochure (framesi FAST brochure) will give you a list of products that are help you bring back your time. Time is money. We lost a lot of time. It’s time to make it up.

This is the only color company out there that’s going to help you generate money by bringing back that time.

One good thing about framesi is, not only that it’s a product line that is going to speed up your process, but the ingredients that go into all our products surpasses anything else on this planet. We’re talking about everything from coconut oil.

This company has been around since 1945, so they know a thing or two about coloring.

And the thing is, is that this coconut oil has been in our product line for the last 40 years and the coconut oil is starting to take to be thing now. We have vitamin E, vitamin C, we have everything that makes sure that we get the best shine, we get the strength.

So guys, let me tell you something, this is a high valued product that’s going to help you generate and make a lot of money.

As a business owner and having this product line in my shop and for the last two years, not only have I got to save money by spending on the product itself, but I also generated a lot more time and a lot more money.

So with the 2001 INTENSE and the STRIKE4, it gives us an opportunity to charge a little bit more. And clients don’t mind paying a little bit more because time is money.

I can’t tell you how much clients will say, “Okay. Do it. Go ahead. I wanna be out of here.”

It’s very hard to believe that you can actually get a client on, we’re talking highlights, if you want to add a few highlights, just ask them…

Say: “Hey, we can do a few highlights in 20 seconds,” and BANG! THEY’RE DONE! One hour MAX.

And I’m telling you this is a game changer.

Framesi is one big game changer.

And I’m telling you this right now, because you’re going to see in the future, how other companies are going to realize what is going on. Framesi’s got something going and we’re the first and foremost, up in front of everybody else.

One thing is, framesi, I have to say, thank you for allowing me and giving me the products to make people beautiful, and I’ve been in this game for a very long time. Thank you framesi and I’m glad that I’ve hooked up with you guys, because you guys have really got their show together.”

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