Stylists Talk : Framesi FAST : Pete Armenta

Check out how Pete Armenta, framesi Artistic Team Member, incorporates FRAMCOLOR 2001 INTENSE into his formulations to experience processing in HALF THE TIME. A *MUST SEE* video to help you prepare for a successful reopening!  

“Hey everybody, Pete here with from framesi. I think most of you know that I am a framesi educator and I have been for quite some time. But I also work in the salon just like many of you do. And I have the same type of clients that many of you do.

Unfortunately, due to recent events in this pandemic, we have been forced to shut down as well.

Well, what do you think is going to happen but clients are finally able to get back into the salon?

We are going to be overwhelmed, we’re going to be inundated with clients just waiting to get in and get their hair done.

Well, even before this pandemic started, framesi came up with a suite of products that enable us to take time back.

It’s a series of products that help us work quicker and more efficiently with our time and still maintain the integrity of the service and the quality and integrity of the client’s hair.

So I want to share with you these products right now…

The keystone of these products I feel is FRAMCOLOR 2001 INTENSE.  This new unique formula processes in HALF THE TIME: it’s permanent haircolor, it’s not progressive and it covers gray 100%.

Now the other great thing about FRAMCOLOR 2001 INTENSE is I can take my FRAMCOLOR 2001 and mix it with FRAMCOLOR 2001 INTENSE  and as long as half the formula is INTENSE, I can experience HALF the processing TIME.

I can also use it with FRAMCOLOR GLAMOUR. And as long as half the formula consists of INTENSE, I can process and HALF THE TIME.

I have even taken it and used it with FRAMCOLOR ECLECTIC, our demi-line, and the FRAMCOLOR ECLECTIC CARE, our ammonia-free, and as long as half the formula is the INTENSE, I’ve reduced the processing time in halfwithout sacrificing the service

I’ve done this with all these colors and I still get my 100% gray coverage, I still maintain the integrity of the client’s hair…but in half the time.

I can even take FRAMCOLOR FUTURA, the benchmark haircolor that first came over from Milan, Italy, and mix it with 2001 INTENSE, equal parts at least, I will experience HALF the processing TIME with that as well.

I’ve done this in the salon even before this pandemic. And it’s been a time saver. My clients love it. They love not being able to waste so much time and you know a lot quicker.

Framesi has always been there for me.  That’s why I’ve used it for over 40 years. And I’m telling you, they will always support you with education.

Now, if you have any questions about these products and you want to get involved, I encourage you to call the tech line: 1-800-245-6323, and you actually get to talk to a live person.

Pete with framesi. Good luck and stay safe. Thank you.”

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