Stylists Talk : framesi FAST : Robb Bruce

Check out how Robb Bruce, framesi Artistic Team Member, is planning to utilize FRAMCOLOR 2001 INTENSE, permanent haircolor that processes in HALF THE TIME, to ensure the safety for his clients and himself by only having one client in his chair.


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“Hi everyone, my name is Robb Bruce and I’m a framesi Italian Style Team Member and I am also the owner of Robb’s Salon in Cortland Manor in New York.


And my thoughts have been turning toward what’s it going to be like when we reopen…I don’t know. I wish I had a crystal ball and can tell you.


But what I do know is that I have to find ways that I can service my clients in a way that is helpful to them, so that I can keep them safe, and give them the same amount of hair color, the same kind of hair color that I have before.


So one of the things that I keep turning to is framesi FAST.  It’s a suite of products that framesi has that helps us get people in and out faster, without having to rush or worry about condition of the hair, or how shiny, or how the color is going to work. It gives you framesi results in HALF THE TIME with FRAMCOLOR 2001 INTENSE which is the first one I want to talk about.


FRAMCOLOR 2001 INTENSE is a color that has great coverage, beautiful shine, and you can apply it and it processes in HALF THE TIME.  

Processing in HALF THE TIME means that I can put one client in my chair for the whole time.

Before the pandemic, I was able to spend time with that one person and enjoy them and help them as well.

But now it’s even more important because now I can have one person in my chair. And that’s all. I don’t have to have anyone else around. But I’m also not taking the two hours that it would take before, when I would double book.  

NOW: in an hour, hour and 15, I can have someone: have a single process with FRAMCOLOR 2001 INTENSE, they can get highlights with STRIKE4 (Flat Iron Processing Sheets) and/or STRIKE4XL, they can get a toner in five minutes at the sink, they can get a haircut, a blow dry, sold some products, and sent home ALL within one hour and a half hour and 15 minutes.

The good thing about that is it allows me to spend time with them which is always important.  But it also allows me to keep them safe and myself safe.

But if we are required to open, which I think is what they’ve been talking about here, and only have one person at a time in our salon or in our chair, that’s the thing that we want to I want to be able to do.  But I don’t want to be able to do it and have to worry about what their hair is gonna be like when they come back the next time.

In all honesty, the framesi FAST suite of products does what you want it to do.

It acts like framesi color and it helps to alleviate some of my anxiety as I prepare to open because I know that my clients are going to get good, quality products and good, quality care from framesi FAST.

Thank you.”

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