Stylists Talk : framesi FAST : Samantha Klinger

Check out Samantha Klinger, framesi educator, explain how she offers a lunchtime color using FRAMCOLOR 2001 INTENSE!  Within her clients’ lunchbreak, she can color their hair and wash them out all within 1 HOUR!   


A *MUST SEE* video on how Samantha saves processing time using the framesi FAST suite of products.


“So I’m excited to go back to the salon with my framesi FAST because it will allow me to get more guests in and still have the time to clean properly between each guest with the added steps that we have.

I have always loved it framesi FAST products since I’ve had access to them.

My favorites are the (FRAMCOLOR 2001) INTENSE and the STRIKE4 (Flat Iron Processing Sheets).

I use STRIKE4 quite often in my salon. I actually have ‘Express Services’ that I’ve added to my menu that are the STRIKE4 and (FRAMCOLOR 2001) LIGHT&SHINE to add some fun pops when we’re limited to those Light&Shine colors. I’ve used it to add kind of a face frame lighten; like lightened pieces, kind of like money pieces quickly.

I use the (FRAMCOLOR 2001) INTENSE for what I call a lunchtime color.

So I have some busy clients who can’t do evenings or we weekends or because of my schedule, so we just can’t get them in as quickly as I’d like. So they can actually come over their lunch break and because the INTENSE processes so quickly, they can come eat their lunch while I’m doing their hair. Have the color applied, washed out, and they can go back to work within that lunch hour.

And I think the awesome thing is when we go back from all of this, that the INTENSE will allow me to limit the time that guests have to be my chair. And it will also help me to be able to get a few more guests in on my books, where I maybe couldn’t if I was using our traditional colors, because of the processing time being shorter.

Same thing with a LIGHT&SHINE, I can or the STRIKE4’s.  Same thing with the STRIKE4’s…I can just add some pops of color in there. I can add a few lightened pieces, things like that, very quickly so my guests are having to sit in the salon as long as all this going on and I can get a few more people in.

I think it’s most important for other stylists to know that this is it’s an amazing product. Even though the INTENSE processes HALF THE TIME, that the STRIKE4 uses a flat iron, that the integrity of the hair is maintained and the quality and superior color that you get is phenomenal.

It is the same exact quality that we’ve always given, that framesi’s always been able to give us as stylists. It just happens a lot faster.

My favorite product and the one that I think every stylist needs is STRIKE4: it is so versatile. You can use it to create bold pops with either lightener and then rinsing that out and doing a (FRAMCOLOR) BOLD on top of it. You can use it on already blonde hair with BOLD. You can use it with LIGHT&SHINE. You can use it to add lowlights, you can use it to add a fun poppy face frame, you can use it to do a test strand for color corrections. It is just so versatile.

I’ve actually done whole head applications with STRIKE4.  I’ve utilized it just to add a fun pop in someone’s hair, but it really does kind of a jack of all trades, you can utilize it all over the place in your salon.”

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