Severity is the first compelling trend that we choose to kick off the season. It exemplifies a return to minimalism, but with a different nuance entirely. In the 1990s, minimalism was the innate philosophical rejection of extravagance as a reaction against the ostentatious previous decade. This trend is nostalgic of the late 90s/early 2000s film trilogy of The Matrix starring Keanu Reaves with the solid black leather trench coats which waved and billowed impressively through his action sequences. The revamp of the severity/neo-minimalist trend is enhanced with black for a sobering touch.  Let Severity change the way that you approach this classic trend. Give your clients a newly updated twist on their current color and cut styles to complement the look of the season using Framesi Fast technology with Italian Style Cutting Method, Framcolor 2001 Light&Shine, with STRIKE4, and Framcolor 2001 INTENSE!

 Color Application Step-By-Step

Color Formulas:

  • FORMULA A: Framcolor 2001 INTENSE 5.055 (15g/cc/ ½ oz) + Framcolor 2001 4VB (15g/cc/ ½  oz) +  Framesi Professional Activator 20 Volume (60cc/g/2 oz)
  • FORMULA B: Framcolor 2001 Light&Shine Color Exalt (15 g/cc/1/2 oz) + 5.66 (15 g/cc/1/2 oz) +  Framesi Professional Activator 40 Volume (30cc/g/1oz)
  • FORMULA C: Framcolor 2001 Light&Shine Color Exalt (15 g/cc/1/2 oz) + 6.56 (15 g/cc/1/2 oz) +  Framesi Professional Activator 40 Volume (30cc/g/1oz)


1.  Apply FORMULA A to 2 inches (4 cm) of roots.

2.  Subdivide the head into 5 sections: (This is where you will utilize framesi STRIKE4)

*for more instruction on how to use framesi STRIKE4, click HERE*

    • trace a line from ear to ear passing through the center juncture
    • trace two parallel lines from ¾“ of the eyebrow arches
    • trace a central line in the back

    3.  In sections 1, 2, 3, and 4 keep diagonal subsections 1 1/2 inches (3 cm) thick and make three horizontal parts.

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    4.  Place the lower part of the subsection on a STRIKE4 processing sheet opened in the center so that you have two layers of paper on each side.
    5.  Lighten lengths starting from the crown line alternating Formula A, B, and C in each individual STRIKE 4 processing sheet. Formula A is at the bottom, Formula B is in the middle, and Formula C is at the top section.
    6.  In section 5, make horizontal parting tracing zigzag lines and color in the same fashion applying FORMULA A, B, and C while blending with the base color.

    7.  Process all STRIKE4 sheets with a flat iron and then you are done/ready to rinse!




    Italian Style Cutting Step-by-Step

    A new twist to the standard long layered cut!


    1.  Isolate the hair according to the sectioning diagram and list below:


    • SECTION A – isolate a front triangle joining ¾” of the eyebrow arches and ½“(1 cm) before the vertex.
    • SECTION B – trace a line from the vertex to the tip of the ears.
    • SECTION C – trace a line from the vertex of the triangle to the corners of the nape.
    • SECTION D – trace a central line in the back.

    2.  Starting with SECTION B – cut a guide to the clavicle. Comb the hair to the front and point cut square with a stationary guide.

    3.  SECTIONS C and D – cut with the same technique, leaving each section ½“(1 cm) longer than the previous one.

    4.  Comb the hair in natural fall and trace a line from ear to ear passing through the occipital bone.

    5.  In the lower section, point cut a square perimeter to maximum length, and then layer the section making vertical partings and point cutting square.
    6.  Now cut the upper section, making radial subsections perpendicular to growth, connect the lower section to the vertex with the Chipping Cut technique, allowing your guide to travel.

    7.  Point cut the hair in SECTION A square to the bridge of the nose.

    8.  Refine the volume using blending shears.


    Styling Step-By-Step:

    Step 1. Apply FRAMESI COLOR LOVER Progressively Smooth + FRAMESI COLOR LOVER Stop Frizz on wet hair and dry using a flat brush.

    Step 2. Refine the lengths with the flat iron and spray with BY Mist Hair Spray Strong.


    Take-Home Treatment:



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