Framcolor® Eclectic Care


Longest lasting ammonia free, fragrance free, permanent haircolor in the industry. FRAMCOLOR® Eclectic CARE provides 100% gray coverage from every shade up to 3 levels of lift with no build-up. It is gluten free, and sulfate free.

Achieve permanent or demi-permanent results from one ammonia free color line. For unlimited creativity, FRAMCOLOR® Eclectic CARE Permanent color can be mixed with FRAMCOLOR® Eclectic Demi-Permanent color, transforming FRAMCOLOR® Eclectic into a Permanent color system. Learn More


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Swatch Book

EC 10.61

Silver Blonde

EC 6.1

Dark Ash Blonde

EC 7.1

Medium Ash Blonde

EC 8.1

Light Ash Blonde

EC 4

Medium Brown

EC 5

Light Brown

EC 6

Dark Blonde

EC 7

Medium Blonde

EC 8

Light Blonde

EC 9

Very Light Blonde

EC 4.25

Medium Coffee Brown

EC 5.25

Light Coffee Brown

EC 8.262

Light Blonde Cool Beige

EC 6.12

Cool Dark Blonde

EC 7.26

Cool Medium Blonde

EC 9.16

Pearl Blonde

EC 6.3

Dark Golden Blonde

EC 7.3

Medium Golden Blonde

EC 9.3

Very Light Golden Blonde

EC 5.5

Fiery Red

EC 6.5

Vibrant Red

EC 8.363

Light Blonde Warm Beige

EC 6.4

Dark Copper Blonde

EC 7.4

Medium Copper Blonde

EC 8.4

Light Copper Blonde
  • 100% Gray coverage from every shade
  • longest lasting ammonia-free permanent color
  • up to 3 levels of lift
  • no build-up
  • fragrance free
  • gluten free
  • sulfate free

Age-Prevention Technology



Genetic susceptibility, lifestyle, and environmental factors cause hair to age early.

The exclusive AGE-PREVENTION TECHNOLOGY is an integrated system of rich ingredients that penetrate the hair fiber to repair and form a protective, anti-aging shield around the hair.


Oil of Nigella Sativa (Black Seed Oil), an ancient tradition in the Mediterranean basin and in Arab countries, is associated with a mixture of anti-aging vitamins (E-H-B5-Inositol) specifically for hair.

Hydrolyzed keratin, rich in amino acids very similar to hair, completes the formula with a repairing effect on the shaft.

A marvelous color and hair that is shiny and healthy.

Achieve Permanent Or
Demi-Permanent Results

From One Ammonia Free Color Line


FRAMCOLOR® Eclectic CARE Permanent color can be mixed with FRAMCOLOR® Eclectic Demi- Permanent color, transforming FRAMCOLOR® Eclectic into a Permanent color system as follows:

Desired End Result FRAMCOLOR® Eclectic CARE FRAMCOLOR® Eclectic
For permanent deposit and toning 2 parts 2 parts
For permanent lift and gray coverage 3 parts 1 part

Capsulate complex meets age-prevention technology to deliver a protective hair color system with superior coverage

  • 70+ Shades
  • Reduced inventory
  • Increased performance

Summary Of Benefits



Age Prevention Technology
Exclusive integrated system of encapsulated active substances that have a visible anti-age effect on the hair

  • Prevents and fights the action of free radicals and damage to the hair
  • Protects hair during color processing and prevents aging and color fadage from the environment
  • Results in healthier hair with condition and shine

Age-Prevention Capsulate Complex

Age-Prevention Capsulate Complex Ingredients:

  • Oil of Nigella Sativa
  • Vitamin E & C
  • Vitamin H (Biotin)
  • Inositol
  • Captures active ingredients for a more efficient and effective delivery
  • Natural oil rich in potent nutrients, essential fatty acids, vitamins, minerals and amino acids
  • Results in healthier hair with condition and shine
  • Powerful anti-oxidants
  • Conditioning nutrients for healthy hair
  • Promotes healthy hair growth

100% gray coverage with all shades

  • Ready to use haircolor that ensures perfect coverage
  • No intermixing required

NO Ammonia, NO fragrance

  • No odor
  • Ultimate client comfort

True to level, natural tones with reflective finish

  • Uniform results from roots to ends, with no buildup
  • Superior shine and condition

Soft, creamy conditioning base

  • Quick and easy to mix
  • Easy spreadability during application
  • Soft, silky hair immediately after color application

1:2 mix ratio (1 part color: 2 parts acator)

  • Economical
  • 2 applications per tube

Gluten Free, Sulfate Free

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