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Facts You’ll Love

  • Vegan
  • Gluten Free
  • Sulfate Free
  • Paraben Free
  • DEA Free
  • Sodium Chloride Free
  • Thermal & Anti-Aging Properties
  • Weightless
  • Will Not Build Up
  • Great for extension care

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Starring Quinoa

The ultimate source of all-natural plant proteins. Quinoa, when combined with COLOR LOVER’s unique compound of color retention ingredients, is proven in lab testing to retain your hair color 95% longer.

FRAMESI COLOR LOVER® will love your hair color as long as you do.


Design Fix & Flex Hairspray
Workable, brushable, strong hairspray
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  • The extremely workable formula provides optimum volume, hold, detail, and shine while enhancing haircolor.
  • Creates a humidity-resistant barrier that keeps hair in place for high humidity style retention.
  • Protects color-treated hair against thermal and environmental damage.
  • Ultra-dry mist brushes out easily and will never dull or fade hair color.
  • Brushable hold is ideal to use as a working and setting spray.
  • Provides styling control for brushable styling and natural movement.
  • Protects the cuticle against moisture loss and styling stress.
  • Smoothes the hair to allow the iron to slide across the hair.

Diamond Strong Shampoo and Conditioner

Lasting strength from the inside out

Diamond Strong Shampoo
Strengthen, repair & restore shampoo
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Diamond Strong Conditioner
Strengthen, repair & restore conditioner
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  • Restore hair while you cleanse
  • Weightless, shine-enhancing formula
  • High-performing ingredients like hydrating Hyaluronic Acid, nourishing Capuacu Butter and Camellia Seed and Manketti Oils
  • Prevents breakage
  • Leaves hair more resilient and manageable
  • Restore hair while you moisturize
  • Weightless, shine-enhancing formula
  • High performing ingredients like hydrating Hyaluronic Acid, nourishing Capuacu Butter and Camellia Seed and Manketti Oils
  • Prevents breakage
  • Leaves hair more resilient and manageable

Progressively Smooth & Hair Straightening Serum

Advanced Smoothing & Straightening Game Changers

Progressively Smooth
Leave-in Smoothing Spray
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Hair Straightening Serum
Instant Smoothing Serum
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  • Continuous control coily to straight, continually transform hair from the inside
  • Progressively tame locks with every application
  • Control frizz with every application
  • Penetrates deep into hair to smooth and transform hair from the inside, unlike all other smoothing/anti-frizz products
  • Has a progressive effect. The more the product is used, the smoother and less frizzy the hair becomes
  • Can use with a flat iron but not required
  • Offers powerful hair protection and repair
  • Works on all hair types
  • An express straightener that transforms all hair types, leaving it smoother, bouncier, and shinier.
  • An inclusive, color-safe straightening serum that has been thoughtfully & consciously formulated with only the most superior plant-based ingredients.
  • Antioxidant-rich Indian Gooseberry Extract & Watermelon Seed Oil strengthen, protect, & hydrate without build-up!
  • Forms a protective shield that seals and tames frizz-prone hair

Progressively Strong
Leave-in Strengthening Spray
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Hair Repair Foam
Foaming Hair Strengthener
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  • A plant-based formula containing Artichoke Leaf Extract builds strength and repairs damage from the inside out, leaving hair more resilient, shiny & frizz-free.
  • Experience the progressive effect…The more you indulge, the more it strengthens and protects from damage while keeping your color 95% longer.
  • Progressive and targeted approach to strengthening hair.
  • Defies damage and restores hair by providing cuticle protection from moisture loss and styling stress.
  • A heat-activated foam styler formulated explicitly for weak, damaged, or fragile hair.
  • The lightweight, plant-based formula provides for natural hold plus added volume, texture & shine.
  • Softens and conditions textured hair, keeping it soft and manageable with humidity resistance and control
  • It can be used on non-damaged hair as a daily vitamin or primer for added protection before styling.

Raise the Roots
Root Lifter
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Blow It Big
Blow Dry Cream
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  • Spray at root to provide fierce lift and volume
  • Excellent for all hair types, even the finest textures
  • Spray from roots to ends for all over texture and body
  • Weightless, does not coat or dull hair
  • Moisturizes, adds volume and body and leaves hair tossable
  • Offers strong thermal protection
  • Speeds up drying time
  • Weightless, does not coat or dull hair

Curl Pudding & Bounce

Define & revitalize curls

Curl Pudding
Curl Defining Cream
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Curl Rejuvenator
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  • Defines and separates curl, providing softness and curl definition
  • Adds moisture, conditions curls, smooths and tames frizz
  • Softens unruly hair, reduces breakage
  • Weightless, does not coat or dull hair
  • Rejuvenate and redefine curls, day of and day after
  • Moisture rich formula instantly smooths hair and eliminates frizz
  • Delivers humidity protection and curl support
  • Weightless, does not coat or dull hair

Dynamic Blonde

Banish the brass! Keep your blonde/gray/white hair brighter & more refined, while keeping your color 95% longer.

Dynamic Blonde Shampoo
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Dynamic Blonde Conditioner
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Dynamic Blonde Serum
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  • Intensely dark, rich violet color offers powerful toning
  • Quinoa, conditioning agents, proteins and protectants leave hair moisturized & nourished
  • Amount of refinement can be controlled by mixing with any other FRAMESI COLOR LOVER® shampoo
  • Designed to be alternated with your regular FRAMESI COLOR LOVER® shampoo, every third shampoo
  • 95% longer lasting color
  • Revolutionary daily, leave-in fluid cream
  • Immediate reconstruction, manageability, and moisture
  • Weightless – Perfect for all hair types
  • Will not build up
  • Vegan • Sulfate Free • Paraben Free • Gluten Free • DEA Free • Sodium Chloride Free
  • DYNAMIC BLONDE SHAMPOO’s perfect daily companion for all hair types
  • Moisture, strength, and repair
  • Weightless and will not build up
  • Vegan • Paraben Free • Gluten Free • DEA Free • Sodium Chloride Free

Volume Boost

Lusciously lift & strengthen your hair, leaving it with high volume & softness.

Volume Boost Shampoo
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Volume Boost Conditioner
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  • Sulfate free volumizing shampoo
  • Advanced blend of Quinoa, Aloe Vera Leaf Juice, Meadowfoam Seed Oil and Vitamins, combined with powerful rice protein, work in synergy to boost volume
  • Strengthens hair and supports style
  • 95% longer lasting color
  • Ultra-light, ultra-rich volumizing conditioner
  • Quinoa, combined with Natural Coconut Derived Conditioning Agents, Rich Oils and Silk Amino Acids work to strengthen hair and boost volume
  • Weightless formula boosts volume
  • 95% longer lasting color
  • Ultra-light, volumizing leave-in spray conditioner
  • Quinoa, Vitamins and Emollients detangle, eliminate static and aid styling
  • Dynamic 2 phase formulation
    • White Phase – protects color, nourishes hair and smooths the cuticle
    • Violet Phase – protects color, detangles, boosts body and shine
  • Shake it…spray it for one dynamic result
  • 95% longer lasting color

Moisture Rich

Dive into the deep end of moisture for your thirsty hair and indulge. Replenish the moisture your hair craves and infuse it with softness and shine.

Moisture Rich Shampoo
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Moisture Rich Conditioner
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Moisture Rich Masque
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  • Sulfate free, ultra-hydrating shampoo
  • Advanced blend of Quinoa, Aloe Vera, Silk Amino Acids and Vitamins combined with nourishing Shea Butter drench hair in rich moisture
  • Weightless formula restores vitality, radiance and instantly revives dry hair
  • 95% longer lasting color
  • Rich, ultra-hydrating conditioner
  • Advanced blend of Quinoa, Natural Coconut Oil Conditioning Agents, Silk Protein and Vitamins lock in moisture.
  • Weightless formula leaves hair with body, condition and fabulous shine
  • 95% longer lasting color
  • This intense moisturizing conditioner instantly provides an ultra-deep revitalizing treatment
  • Advanced blend of Quinoa, Natural Oils and Vitamins, combined with Silk Amino Acids to deeply immerse hair in moisture and nutrients
  • Weightless formula repairs dry, damaged hair from within without build-up
  • 95% longer lasting color

Curl Define

Define, detangle and delight your curls with an infusion of moisture.

Curl Define Shampoo
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Curl Define Conditioner
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  • Sulfate free, moisturizing shampoo
  • Contains an advanced blend of Quinoa, Aloe Vera Leaf Juice and Vitamins, combined with a unique Rice Curl Complex to enhance curls
  • Combats dull, dry, frizzy hair for soft, defined, radiant curls
  • 95% longer lasting color
  • Ultra defining daily conditioner inspires curls
  • Quinoa, Natural Oils and Vitamins combined with a unique Rice Curl Complex work in synergy to enhance curls
  • Controls frizz and keeps curl defined all day
  • 95% longer lasting color

Smooth Shine

Hello smooth and sleek, farewell fly-aways and frizz.
Unlock your smoothest, shiniest hair ever.

Smooth Shine Shampoo
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Smooth Shine Conditioner
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  • Sulfate free shampoo cleanses and calms unmanageable hair
  • Quinoa, Meadowfoam Seed Oil, Aloe Vera Juice and Vitamins, combined with a conditioning silk moisturizer, work in synergy to nourish and calm unmanageable, frizzy hair
  • Protects hair from humidity and leaves it with a silky, shiny, smooth finish
  • 95% longer lasting color
  • Ultra-rich daily smoothing conditioner
  • Quinoa, combined with Coconut Oil Conditioning Agents, Flax Protein, Natural Oils and Vitamins nourish and calm unmanageable, frizzy hair
  • Protects hair from humidity and leaves it with a silky, shiny, smooth finish
  • 95% longer lasting color

Nosuds Cleansing Conditioner

Throw out the rules. One bottle is all you need. Our unique alternative to daily shampoo keeps your color 95% longer with no build up. Cleans & conditions in one easy step.


Nosuds Cleansing Conditioner
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  • Conditioning sulfate free cleansers gently cleanse while maintaining natural moisture balance
  • Quinoa, Sweet Almond Oil and vitamins leave the hair silky & manageable
  • Excellent choice for textured, dry, damaged or curly hair
  • 95% longer lasting color

† Leading Professional Color * Based on lab testing conducted in conjunction with a reputable independent entity.
Testing was performed on FRAMESI COLOR LOVER® & in comparison to a leading competitive brand’s performance & claims.
Performance results were measured by a colorimeter. Representative results illustrated above.


framesi® is dedicated to you, the professional. Our products have always been professional only and are sold exclusively to licensed hairdressers. framesi® never sells its products to retail chains or discount beauty outlets. So when you use framesi®, you know you are giving your clients the best that only you can give.