framesi® Color Method
Color Lock System

Extend the life of your haircolor.

Color Method


The Perfect Completion to the Perfect Color System

framesi® Color Method is the professional touch achieved only by you, the professional colorist! With the most advanced technology in the professional only color category, framesi® Color Method provides you with prolonged color vibrancy with minimal fadage.

To complete the color service and extend the life of the color, we recommend the framesi® Color Method: Shampoo Go, Post Color, Mask & Super Smak.


Shampoo Go + Post Color + Mask =
47% Added Color Longevity

Step 1. Shampoo Go

Step one in the framesi® Color Method, Shampoo GO is an after-color shampoo for salon use only. Based on a blend of surface-active agents, it deeply removes residual coloring agents and dramatically reduces alkalinity to stop oxidation. Shampoo GO also stabilizes color and reduces fadage.

  • Contains A Sophisticated Blend Of Surfactants
    This reduces alkalinity which forms during coloring process
  • pH5
    Gently cleanses while restoring hair to its natural balance
  • Professional Only
    Designed to use only on day of color service, Shampoo Go is used for total removal of all residual color

Step 2. Mask

Step three in the framesi® Color Method, Mask restructures the hair after coloring and keeps the cuticle compact for maximum color hold. Mask provides exceptional radiance and softness to the hair. It protects the hair structure and leaves it more manageable for faster drying at the styling stage.

  • Cationic Conditioners
    Wrap hair in a protective, shine-enhancing film and lets color shine through
  • Wheat protein derivative
    Restructures and reinforces the hair shaft
  • Coconut Oil
    For shine enhancement and lubrication
  • pH 2.5 acidifier
    Aids in closing cuticle and locking in color, boosting color durability and shine

Step 3. Supersmak

Super Smak removes all unwanted haircolor stains from the skin using a mix of stain-removing and soothing ingredients. Super Smak leaves the skin soft without irritation.

  • Removes color from the skin
    Gentle, non-aggressive, non-abrasive action that does not irritate skin

Gray Color Booster

Specifically formulated to boost gray coverage and color deposit on the most resistant, rebellious hair types, compatible with all haircolors on the market today.

  • Helps soften cuticle on coarse, resistant hair, and trouble spots
  • Allows color dyes to adhere better to hair
  • Increases color deposit and coverage
  • Ensures perfect gray coverage


Soothing scalp spray; performs an effective, instant, prolonged action reducing sensitive scalp irritation, before, during, and after the color service. For all hair types and haircolor services.

  • Soothes and protects scalp
  • Anti-irritant relieves itching
  • Immediate soothing effect
  • Hydrates and calms redness

Pro-Tect Cream

An anti-stain barrier cream that forms a protective film which prevents staining of the skin when applied around hairline prior to the color service. Does not block haircolor deposit and coverage.

  • Forms protective barrier for skin and scalp
  • Won’t interfere with color deposit or coverage around the hairline
  • Ultra-conditioning formula that prevents staining on even the
    driest and most sensitive skin


framesi® is dedicated to you, the professional. Our products have always been professional only and are sold exclusively to licensed hairdressers. framesi® never sells its products to retail chains or discount beauty outlets. So when you use framesi®, you know you are giving your clients the best that only you can give.