Bonder 101 & Sealer 102

to protect, reinforce, and seal hair bonds.


Bonder 101 & Sealer 102

  • Use during bleaching and hair coloring services to protect, reinforce, and seal the hair bonds
  • Reduces risk of hair breakage to a minimum
  • Easy to use – no added processing time, no developer or formula change
  • Can be used alone as an in-salon treatment for extremely damaged hair


What is Pro-Force?

  • PRO-FORCE BONDER 101/SEALER 102 is a 2 step system used during bleaching and hair coloring services to protect and strengthen hair
  • Compatible with all color lines and bleach products.
  • Also serves as an in-salon, deep restructuring treatment for extremely damaged hair.

PRO-FORCE is easy to use and can seamlessly become a part of any haircolor service to ensure protection of hair from damage.

Pro-Force Will Not

Add processing time to normal bleach or color service
Require a change of developer or formula
Will not affect color deposit
Change your color or lightener consistency

Pro-Force Bonder 101


Pro-Force Sealer 102


Features & Benefits

Hyaluronic Acid

  • Strong powerful humectant that fills in the gaps of damage along the hair shaft, and acts as a cementing substance, helping hair to recover moisture balance and structure.
  • Instantly revitalizes, rejuvenates, and nourishes severely dry, damaged hair

Powerful conditioning and protective polymers

  • Seals in the Hyaluronic Acid and increases the deposition of cationic conditioners present in the Sealer
  • Result of repair is long-lasting

Hydrolyzed Pearl Protein

  • Stimulates formation of keratin, strengthens hair, offers anti-aging properties, and leaves hair silky smooth, moisturized, and with natural shine

Marine Collagen

  • Natural Amino Acids strengthen damaged, weak hair and treat dry brittle hair by repairing and providing healthy moisture levels within the hair.
  • Anti-oxidant that fights the production of free radicals that damage the hair and cause it to become weak and brittle.

Panthenol and Vitamin E

  • Age-defying and anti-oxidant, protects hair from damage caused by the environment and heat styling tools.
  • Reinforces hair shaft and imparts long-lasting moisture retention effects, adding exceptional body and shine.


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