Bonder 101 & Sealer 102

  • Strengthen, hydrate, and seal hair during bleaching and hair coloring services.
  • Easy to use – no added processing time, no developer or formula change.
  • Can be used alone as an in-salon treatment for extremely damaged hair.


What is Pro-Force?

  • PRO-FORCE BONDER 101/SEALER 102 is a 2-step bond-building demineralizing additive with Hyaluronic Acid.
  • Strengthen, hydrate, and seal hair during bleaching and hair coloring services.
  • No added processing time!
  • Long-lasting hydration and repair.
  • Low cost per application
  • Compatible with all color lines and bleach products.
  • Also serves as an in-salon, deep restructuring treatment for extremely damaged hair

Decolor B Pro-Force

Pro-Force introduces an innovative hair protection system during lightening and coloring services. This vegan, eco-friendly formula contains Hyaluronic Acid, Polyphyto-Complex with Phytokeratin to provide long-lasting hydration and repair.

This Polyphyto-Complex adheres to the hair’s surface to defend it from the oxidizing action of metal ions. Treatment hinders the formation of free radicals and oxidative processes that damage the hair and dull hair color. The results are more even color deposit with less fadage and enhanced shine. With strong hydrating power, this molecule has a unique 3D structure that adheres to the hair surface for protection, shine, body, and manageability.

PRO-FORCE is easy to use and can seamlessly become a part of any haircolor service to ensure protection of hair from damage.

Pro-Force Will Not

Add processing time to normal bleach or color service
Require a change of developer or formula
Will not affect color deposit
Change your color or lightener consistency

Features & Benefits

Hyaluronic Acid

  • Strong powerful humectant that fills in the gaps of damage along the hair shaft, and acts as a cementing substance, helping hair to recover moisture balance and structure.
  • Instantly revitalizes, rejuvenates, and nourishes severely dry, damaged hair

Powerful conditioning and protective polymers

  • Seals in the Hyaluronic Acid and increases the deposition of cationic conditioners present in the Sealer
  • Result of repair is long-lasting

Biodegradable Chelator

  • Prevents hair discoloration from copper and chlorine.

Polyphyto-Complex with Phyto-Keratin

  • Protects the cuticle during coloring and lightening services.
  • Enhances the moisture-binding ability of the hair.

Panthenol and Vitamin E

  • Age-defying and anti-oxidant, protects hair from damage caused by the environment and heat styling tools.
  • Reinforces hair shaft and imparts long-lasting moisture retention effects, adding exceptional body and shine.


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