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Framkat LP/Framesi North America (“Framesi”) owns and operates the,, and sites (collectively, the “Sites”) as well the Framesi Color Lover mobile application (“App.”).  Framesi is committed to protecting your privacy when you visit and interact with the Sites and App.  As such, Framesi’s privacy practices are explained in this Privacy Policy (“Policy”). 

This Policy contains details about how Framesi collects and uses information from you when you use the Sites and App.

This Policy covers only the Sites and App.  Other Framesi sites may have their own privacy policies, and you should consult those accordingly.

This Policy is effective as of: September 17th, 2014.

Policy Changes ——————–

Framesi may update this Policy from time to time.  Any changes to this Policy will be posted below for a period of thirty (30) days and will be effective when posted.  The changes will also be immediately incorporated into this Policy.

Your continued use of the Sites or App. after any changes are made to this Policy constitutes your acceptance of the changes.  If any of the changes are unacceptable to you, you should cease using the Sites and/or App.

 If any changes to this Policy affect how Framesi treats or handles personally identifiable information already provided to Framesi by you, Framesi will notify you by email (if Framesi has a valid email address to use) and give you thirty (30) days to opt out of the changes as they pertain to your information.

Collection and Use of Information ——————–

You can generally visit the Sites and use the App. without revealing any personally identifiable information about yourself.  Personally identifiable information (“PII”) is generally defined as information that may be able to identify you such as, but not limited to, name, address, telephone number, email address, credit card number, photograph, age, etc.

There are areas of the Sites where you may be asked to provide Framesi with PII.  For example, PII such as your name, telephone number, email address, mailing address, salon or student ID number, etc. may be collected from you when:

–           you contact Framesi with questions or comments, or request information about Framesi products;

–           you participate in surveys, questionnaires, sweepstakes or contests through the Sites;

–           you sign up for the Framesi email newsletter;

–           you request that Framesi send you sample products;

–           you request information on where Framesi products are sold;

–           you set up an online account to purchase Framesi products;

–           you order/purchase Framesi products; and/or

–           you request Framesi products as rewards (Elite Moda Capelli members).

Depending on the nature of the activity, such as if you publically upload/post content with PII to the Sites, other users may be able to view your PII.  Framesi reserves the right to modify or delete any content you upload/post to the Sites.

Framesi may use your PII to:

– respond to questions or comments you have about Framesi or Framesi products;

– deliver services through the Sites at your request;

– process and catalog responses to surveys or questionnaires;

– enter you in contests and sweepstakes you participate in through the Sites;

– set up your online account to purchase Framesi products;

– send you Framesi newsletters and other product updates;

– send you Framesi products ordered/requested by you;

– send invoices for purchased Framesi products;

– provide feedback on where Framesi products are sold; and/or

– improve the content and general administration of the Sites.

One or more of the Sites may use cookies.  Cookies are files that are transmitted to your computer when you visit one or more of the Sites.  Cookies allow Framesi to recognize your browser when you subsequently return to one or more of the Sites.  Cookies may also collect your user preferences when you visit one or more of the Sites.  Framesi does not use cookies to obtain PII.  Framesi uses cookies to improve performance on one or more of the Sites.   You may be able to delete the cookies by consulting your browser and/or computer instructions.  Please note that any deletion of cookies could affect how one or more of the Sites appears and/or operates for you.  

Framesi may use third party advertising technology to serve advertisements to you on other sites.  The technology gathers anonymous data about your visits to the Sites and visits to other sites where Framesi advertisements appear in order to serve you with Framesi advertisements on third party sites.  When these advertisements are served to you, third party cookies may be put on your computer. 

For example, Framesi uses AdRoll (, to serve you customized advertisements on third party sites based on your interaction with one or more of the Sites.  As you browse one or more of the Sites, advertising cookies may be placed on your computer so that Framesi can understand what you are interested in on the Sites.  AdRoll allows Framesi to present you with retargeting advertising on other sites you visit based on your previous interaction with one or more of the Sites.  These techniques do not collect PII.   Please visit to opt out of AdRoll and its partners’ targeted advertising.  

By providing to Framesi the PII and other information referenced above, you agree that Framesi may use the PII and other information in accordance with the terms of this Policy.

Sharing of PII and Other Information ——————–

Except as noted herein, Framesi does not sell or share your PII with any person or entity outside of Framesi.

Framesi does not share PII with any person or entity for direct marketing purposes. 

Third parties are not able to collect PII or other information through the Sites or App.

Framesi may share certain PII with the U.S. Postal Service or other shipping entities in order to ship any requested product samples to you.  Framesi may also share PII with its credit card processing entity in order to process any credit card purchases made through the one of the Sites.

Framesi will disclose your PII if it reasonably believes it is required to do so by law or in cooperation with a governmental or law enforcement investigation.  Framesi may also share PII or other information in order to avoid imminent physical harm to any person or harm to any Framesi property.

Framesi may share your PII with a third party if Framesi’s ownership status changes, such as it being acquired.

Other than what is referenced above, the PII collected from you is not shared with or sold to any person or entity outside of Framesi.

The Framesi Color Lover Mobile App ——————–

No information, PII or otherwise, is collected through the App.  The App. is informational only.  While there are sections of the App. that reference the ability to request sample Framesi products and enter Framesi contests, you will be automatically forwarded to the site to provide the necessary information.

Standard data and other fees may be charged by your mobile phone carrier when using the App., so please be aware of them.

Review of Collected PII ——————–

If you would like to review, edit, or delete any of the PII Framesi collected from you, or wish Framesi to cease using your PII in the manners specified in this Policy, please contact Framesi at  Please note that Framesi will do its best to accommodate your request, but Framesi cannot guarantee it can remove all PII from the specified uses.  Therefore, please be as specific as possible in your request.

If you have an online account and want it deleted, please contact Framesi at 412-269-2950.

Please note that Framesi reserves the right to maintain proper business records as required by law, even if such records contain your PII. 

If you would like to opt out of receiving further promotional emails from Framesi, please following the opt out instructions at the bottom of the email or send Framesi a detailed email to

Framesi does not knowingly collect any information from minors, nor are the Sites directed at or intended for minors.  If a minor uploads/posts information to the Sites that is publically available, and the minor subsequently wants that same information deleted, the minor has a right to request that said information be removed from public viewing.  Please contact to have the information removed.

Response to “Do Not Track” Requests/Signals——————–

At the present time, Framesi does not respond to nor process “do not track” or similar technical requests not to be tracked. 

Data Security and Retention ——————–

Framesi uses industry standard technological security measures that are reasonably designed to help protect your PII from loss, unauthorized access, or disclosure.  Framesi uses SSL encryption to help prevent unauthorized access to PII you transmit to the Sites.

While Framesi takes the issue of protecting your PII seriously, you should exercise discretion in what information you disclose and/or transmit to the Sites.  Framesi cannot guarantee that information sent over the Internet is fully secure, and therefore the transmitted information may be intercepted by others before it reaches Framesi.  If you are concerned about sending information to Framesi over the Internet, please send the information by mail or call us to make other arrangements.  Framesi is not responsible for the security of information sent over the Internet.

Framesi takes steps to make sure that any PII shared with third parties is only used for the specified purposes and that it will not be shared beyond those third parties unless it is necessary to complete the specified task.

Framesi retains collected information for a reasonable amount of time in order to fulfill the stated purpose for why the information was collected.  Framesi will also retain collected information connected to business records for periods of time required by law.  Finally, Framesi will maintain some collected information as part of its customer list. If Framesi determines that collected information is no longer needed, it will delete such information.  Our collection times will be consistent with applicable law. 

Children’s Privacy ——————–

The Sites and App. are intended for individuals 18 years of age and older located in the United States.

The Sites and App. are not directed at, marketed to, nor intended for, children under 13 years of age.  Framesi does not knowingly collect any information, including PII, from children under 13 years of age.  If Framesi learns that any information was provided through the Sites or App. by a person younger than 13 years of age, Framesi will delete the information immediately.

Non-U.S. Concerns ——————–

The Sites and App. are meant for individuals within the United States.  Framesi only knowingly collects information from individuals within the United States.  If you provide information to Framesi from outside of the United States, you do so at you own risk.  If you are outside of the United States, you are responsible for complying with any local laws regarding use of the Sites and App., and related data collection.  This Policy only addresses data collection from individuals within the United States.  You also agree and acknowledge that by providing any information, including PII, through the Sites or App., that such information will be transmitted to, and stored in, the United States.

External Links ——————–

The Sites and App. may contain links to external sites not controlled by Framesi.  Framesi is not responsible for the privacy practices and data collection policies for such third party sites.  You should consult the privacy policies of those sites for details.

Framesi may also allow interaction between the Sites and/or App., and other sites or mobile applications such as Facebook or other social media providers.  This may include the “Like” button or other plugins available through the Sites or App. that allow you to share information with persons outside of the Sites or App.  Please consult the privacy policies of those third party providers before using them to make sure you are comfortable with the level of sharing. 

Terms of Use ——————–

The Terms of Use for the Sites and App. are incorporated by reference into this Policy.  The Terms of Use can be found on this site at the bottom of the page.

Miscellaneous ——————–

If you have any questions regarding this Policy, please contact Framesi at:


EMAIL:  ; or

PHONE:          412-269-2950; or

MAIL:              Framesi North America / 17 Avenue A / Leetsdale Pa 15056


It is the policy of Framesi to strictly enforce this Policy.  If you believe there has been some violation of this Policy, please contact Framesi.

This Policy was last updated on September 17th, 2014.