framesi Worldwide President Fabio Franchina Interview with Corriere della Sera

On April 6, 2020, Mr. Fabio Franchina, framesi Worldwide President, sat down with Isodora Trovato, of the Corriere della Sera (an Italian newspaper published in Milan, Italy), for an interview to address questions about how the future of the industry.  While this interview as conducted at the beginning of April, Mr. Franchina eloquently looks towards the future in a timeless manner.


  • QUALITY PAYS OFF: THE QUALITY OF RELATIONSHIPS. The best of relationships – those of true quality & longevity – are built on TRUST.

Focus on your client relationships through creating an environment that they can depend on—that they can trust—not only to meet their service & product expectations, but to also prioritize their time and safety

It is not about the quantity of time spent in the chair, but the quality, and these products provide uncompromised quality results in less time.  Reducing the time clients spend in the salon, once salons reopen, will be more relevant than ever.  While nobody knows what the future will hold, we can assume that there will be restrictions on the amount of people allowed in a salon at one time and there will be more scrutiny than ever before by clients and inspectors on the cleanliness and sanitary procedures/practices of the salon.  Through the incorporation of these fast products, stylists can provide shorter services, to more clients, without compromising results.  They will be able to have extra time between services to sanitize appropriately without feeling as though they are sacrificing potential client revenue.  Clients will be thrilled to have shorter services, as there will be an initial stigma of close contact once salons open back up.  The shorter interaction time, the better.

While this interview has been translated into English, nuances of our intended communication is sometimes lost and direct translation does not capture the essence of subtleties.  See below for an overview of the interview as translated by Maria Pittavino,  VP of Product Development for framesi NA, who not only is a licensed stylist, but also fluent in Italian and able to translate subtleties lost in a direct translation.


(1)   Mr. Fabio Franchina responds to the purpose of this interview:
a. Framesi wants to be close to its partners
i. In moments like these, we cannot abandon anyone
ii. Those that have lived during the war say this is similar, with the exception that we cannot be close to each other right now
iii. Staying close to our clients and giving them all the support they need right now is important.  We have been here for 75 years and will continue to do so.
1. 32 different initiatives, social networking, webinars, etc. to stimulate stylists and use this time to grow and be ready for a better tomorrow.
2. We are obligated to stay at home, but we can use this time to make us more dynamic and ready for when this is over

(2)   The world as it is, and how it will be in the future, on Day 1 of salons reopening/start-up, as explained by Mr. Fabio Franchina:
a. Until a vaccine is found, this will not end but we must be prepared for a future that is better than before
b. Before salons shut down, Framesi worked safely and intelligently to ensure product is available when salons are ready
c. Many initiatives being taken now for start-up
i. This time is changing us, as  9/11 changed lives
1. More time was spent with family and friends
2. Increased spa activity as people searched for maximum care and attention
ii. On Day 1, when salons reopen cannot be the same as before
1. Clients will be coming back needing a Quality Service
2. Salons will open and have to service many clients, even those that experimented at home with their color
3. Until a vaccine is discovered, salons have to provide a safe environment  
a. Perfectly clean, sterilized areas, hand sanitizers, masks, measure client’s fever prior to service
b. Most controlled environment
c. Less stylists, less clients in salon
d. Cannot have clients waiting therefore we need better organization of time
e. Cannot have 50% of clients serviced between Friday and Saturday, but must spread clients out throughout week
f.   Must book appointments similar to a dental hygienist… 6 months out
iii. Framesi is ready to help salons prepare for Day 1
1. Products that allow stylists to service more clients in the same amount of time
a. Italian Style Cutting Technique – maximum precision, efficient and short execution time
b. Framesi FRAMCOLOR 2001 INTENSE- permanent hair color that processes in half the normal processing time
c. Framesi STRIKE4 Flat Iron Processing Sheets- requires just seconds of processing time, ideal for high quality but fast highlighting services
2. Training / Education
a. Personal Training done at the salon
b. Stylists will have less time to attend classes, as more salons will be open more days to accommodate number of clients in a safe working space
c. Webinars
iv. Initiatives for Day 1
1. We must change in order to win, and we must prepare and be organized for Day 1
a. For example, on our Day 1, which can be anywhere from now to sometime in in the future, I have an appointment at 8:30 to have Giovanna color my hair
2. Have clients pre-pay a % of their service ahead of time
a. Give client the certainty they will have an appointment
b. Salon has cash a month prior to service
3. We must give our clients a legendary salon experience
a. Quality will be extremely important after this crisis
b. Women are willing to invest money in something that makes them feel better, and empowers them to succeed

(3)   Mr. Fabio Franchina explains his perspective on “What will August be like this year?” in reference to the typical European vacation/holiday season:
a. There may not be a 3 week closure of all businesses this August
i. Become more like the Americans that sometimes even skip a year of vacation
ii. May have long weekends, but there probably won’t be a set 3 week closure of businesses
b. Summer 2020 could bring almost normal business activity (in August)
i. Since many companies stopped now, they will not stop again in August

(4)   Mr. Fabio Franchina shares his view on stylists and their fundamental role in returning everyone to normal life
a. If you see yourself looking good, you will win!
b. The only way to overcome color done at home is to create the most beautiful, high quality color in the salon
c. This can be an extraordinary period for the salon industry
d. People make choices on what to spend on, what is important during this uncertain time
e. There’s a strong sense of identity
i. “Made in Italy” has become extremely important
ii. Made in Italy must be followed up with made “well” in Italy
1. This is what distinguishes our products from all other
2. Excellent culture, excellent products, quality like no other
(5)   Final thoughts shared the interviewer and Mr. Fabio Franchina:
a. The interviewer told Fabio that he noticed a Framesi Family from the comments during the interview
i. Approximately 500 people were watching the interview, 70-80% were making comments expressing their pride in being part of the framesi family
b. Fabio responded that quality pays off.  Not only quality of product, but also the quality of relationships
i. Though we are not physically together during this time, the only certainty we have at this moment is this:
1. We are here for you.
2. We have been here for 75 years dedicated to the hairdresser…and together we can continue to do great things!


framesi is dedicated to you, the professional. Our products have always been professional only and are sold exclusively to licensed hairdressers. framesi never sells its products to retail chains or discount beauty outlets. So when you use framesi, you know you are giving your clients the best that only you can give.