How to keep hair color from fading — FRAMESI COLOR LOVER

Tired of fading hair color? Watch “The Adventures of FRAMESI COLOR LOVER!” now. Learn how FRAMESI COLOR LOVER protects your hair color from fading. Found in professional salons, FRAMESI COLOR LOVER products include PRIMER 11 and a full line of shampoos and conditioners customized for your individual hair needs and style. Visit… to learn more.

Watch as our own framesi super hero helps women understand how to keep hair color from fading. Discover how to retain your hair color with 95% longer lasting hair color and learn why FRAMESI COLOR LOVER hair products are the perfect match for your favorite hair color. Filled with a promise to keep your hair color shiny and vibrant, PRIMER 11 and FRAMESI COLOR LOVER shampoos and conditioners nourish your hair with a rich blend of advanced color retention ingredients.

Get your happily ever after! FRAMESI COLOR LOVER will love your hair color as long as you do. Infuse your hair with color protection, anti-aging oils and nourishing vitamins day after day. Quinoa, the ultimate source of all-natural plant proteins, combined with FRAMESI COLOR LOVER’S unique compound of color retention ingredients, is proven in lab testing to retain your hair color 95% longer. Feel the love!

Need help with fading hair color and have unruly hair? Try out all of our FRAMESI COLOR LOVER products. We have shampoos and conditioners tailored for your specific hair type — curly hair, straight hair, dry hair or frizzy hair. FRAMESI COLOR LOVER Volume Boost Shampoo and Volume Boost Conditioner help you lusciously lift and strengthen your hair leaving it with high volume and softness. Dive into the deep end of moisture for your thirsty hair with our FRAMESI COLOR LOVER Moisture Rich Shampoo, Moisture Rich Conditioner and Moisture Rich Masque. Define, detangle and delight your curls with FRAMESI COLOR LOVER Curl Define Shampoo and Curl Define Conditioner. Unlock your smoothest, shiniest hair ever with our FRAMESI COLOR LOVER Smooth Shine Shampoo and Smooth Shine Conditioner.

Need a little boost? Looking to protect and strengthen your color-treated hair? FRAMESI COLOR LOVER PRIMER 11 is your hair’s hero. Give your hair the care and protection it deserves: a daily dose of quinoa is the ultimate leave-in color boost spray. Quinoa protein, vitamins and emollients detangle and penetrate hair with moisture and shine, enhancing it with body and strength.

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Animation by: Spencer Sachs


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