Thinning hair and sensitive scalp?

Try this MORPHOSIS DENSIFYING at-home routine to thicken and nourish fragile hair and continue to get certified, visible results, even in texture, after the MORPHOSIS DENSIFYING in-salon treatment.

Sometimes, thinning hair can be associated with a sensitive scalp: irritation and pain are combined with a thinner shaft that is less resistant to traction. This densifying ritual aims to reinforce both hair and scalp. Its vasodilator effect promotes the absorption of minerals and vitamins while soothing and protecting the scalp, leaving the hair thick and strong again. Key ingredients and the biotechnology of the Morphosis Densifying treatment deliver certified, visible results in the hair texture too.

Products Used:

MORPHOSIS DENSIFYING Shampoo – Enriched with Apple Stem Cell extract, Arginine, Vitamins E and B6, Magnesium and Menthol, this densifying shampoo can be part of a hair loss* treatment; suitable for sensitive scalps and especially for women. A prolonged massage boosts skin microcirculation.

MORPHOSIS DENSIFYING Activator – A densifying activating serum for weak hair, suitable for sensitive scalps and especially for women. It boosts microcirculation, increases the oxygen flow and stimulates the natural regrowth of hair while reinforcing its structure. It warms the scalp with beneficial effects. The certified effectiveness of this anti-loss* ritual. Comes from a rich formula with 19 functional ingredients, such as Apple Stem Cell extract, the exclusive Tri-C-Peptides™ biotechnology, Vanillyl Butyl Ether, Magnesium, Nigella Oil, Arginine and Trimethylglycine, Vitamins B6, E and H, Zinc-PCA, Azelaic Acid, and Hydrolyzed Olive extract.

MORPHOSIS REINFORCING Energizing Spray – Energizing treatment for scalp and weak hair. Supports and extends the effect of the hair loss* ritual with 14 functional ingredients, such as Plant Stem Cells extracts, Arginine and Trimethylglycine, Inositol, Vitamins E and B6, Magnesium, Menthol, Vegetable Keratin and purifying Red Grape, Ginger and Incense extracts. Brings beneficial nutrients to the skin. Leaves the hair thick and bouncy without weighing it down.

Thinning hair and oily scalp? Try MORPHOSIS REINFORCING Shampoo and Activator in-salon and at-home.


(*Helps to prevent hair loss. For non-pathological hair loss.)


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