Carter_ImagesBorn in San Diego, California…Mother and Father were both Salon Owners and Professionals.

Most people will be surprised to know? I am an active skydiver with over 175 drops.

Guilty pleasure? My guilty pleasure is dark chocolate, I love it!

Best part of work? My experience with a guest..the incredible, wonderful, positively emotional and physical change that we create for them.

Toughest part of work? Not having enough hours in a day for our guests.

What is your secret weapon? La Spatola!

Inspiration source? Father and Mother

Best advice you were ever given? Never stop learning, absorb everything and be humble. Most of all share your success.

Ultimate goal as a professional? To create a passionate and successful team of Salon Professionals that love what they do.

Coolest look you ever created? A Flattop in the early 80’s that I prelightened to a battleship grey and airbrushed it to look like a aircraft carrier with the numbers and landing strip guides with a Conning Tower made out of hair, and I put HO scale jets on it.

Favorite character trait in people? Their benevolence. When people give to truly help others for their success and don’t expect anything in return. The accolades that coming with giving are the most wonderful traits in people.


Why framesi?
I come from a family of salon professionals. My parents, George and Blossom, were salon professionals. My daughter is one.  My wife Charlie is one. My father started me using framesi early in my career. As a teenager hanging out in the salon I was amazed and hypnotized at the bright, reflective qualities of the hair being colored especially the redheads. It was framesi! So, I started using it when I became licensed.

What have you learned about hair and hair color in particular?
I’ve been playing with hair for over 28 years. In that time my experience with hair is that it acts like a living breathing entity.  There is nothing a salon professional can’t do with it. Hair requires respect. Haircolor is the same way. It is a fantastic tool to create beauty. A great haircolor should condition, create shine, cover gray, be predictable and be easy to use. Framesi is all of these things and much more.

Greatest accomplishment to date professionally?
I love everything about our industry. Playing with hair is in my DNA and I have over the years accomplished many things professionally. My biggest one is being a successful Salon Owner by creating an atmosphere to learn, grow and share and be surrounded by a team that has the same passion.

Favorite stylist color application
My favorite color application is wet on wet. I love to create an all over base with framesi Framcolor Glamour or Framcolor Eclectic. Then directly over the wet previously colored hair apply framesi Decolor B Diamond and color two to three other levels and tones to create what I call, Ratatouille. It’s a dynamic look that can’t be reproduced and looks smashing! The guests love it!

Favorite styling product?
I am simply amazed with framesi’s BY WIO. In my opinion, it’s simply the greatest tool in my arsenal to style on straight and curly hair. It’s a conditioner. It creates a thermal shield. It moisturizes. It simply does it all! I cocktail it with almost everything!

Describe your relationship with framesi
Years ago I was approached and asked to to be an educator for framesi. My career has done nothing but skyrocket. Framesi has trusted me to share their vision of Italian Style with thousands of Salon Professionals all over the globe. The training framesi has shared with me over the years can’t be counted in dollars and cents but in career successes. They have treated me like family.

Best framesi interaction story
Framesi has taken me to several levels of success in my career. One of the greatest things that has happened because of that relationship was working at a hairshow in New Jersey a few years ago. There I was on stage at the first night of the show and being introduced to the thousand plus attendees with the lead artists of other color companies. Framesi knocked that show out of the park.

Next challenge career wise
Being a salon professional is a career that grows and changes every day. Goal setting is so vital to be successful and framesi helps me in achieving those goals. My next challenge career wise, FRAMESI DESIGN GROUP MEMBER. NEVER LOOK BACK!


framesi is dedicated to you, the professional. Our products have always been professional only and are sold exclusively to licensed hairdressers. framesi never sells its products to retail chains or discount beauty outlets. So when you use framesi, you know you are giving your clients the best that only you can give.