FRAMESI COLOR LOVER PROGRESSIVELY SMOOTH Leave-In Smoothing Spray is not your average frizz-fighting product,
it’s an advanced smoothing game changer. The difference is in the name: progressive… the more the product is used, the smoother the hair becomes.

Most products only topically fight frizz. Other sprays and serums often create a barrier around the hair fiber that prevents the exchange of water molecules with the environment and washes out after the first shampoo – with no lasting effects.

Unlike the topical-only products, PROGRESSIVELY SMOOTH penetrates the cuticle to create a semi-permanent effect that eliminates frizz while maintaining natural hair structure and creating noticeable results in as little as three applications. Using this product with a flat iron regularly can even stretch and loosen that natural curl pattern of curly hair. Simply put, PROGRESSIVELY SMOOTH penetrates deep into hair to smooth and transform hair from the inside, unlike all other smoothing/anti-frizz products.

Typical of framesi innovation, FRAMESI COLOR LOVER PROGRESSIVELY SMOOTH Leave-In Smoothing Spray is leading the way in smoothing technology.  This product can be tailored into any hair care routine or style to create a unique effect for each client and stylist. PROGRESSIVELY SMOOTH offers continuous control that progressively tames locks with every application, and the versatility to take on-the-go for quick frizz control and hair repair.

For many years, the only way to permanently eliminate frizz was to get an in-salon straightening or smoothing service that used strong chemicals or formaldehyde as the active ingredients. As we approach a culture more accepting of natural curls and waves, straightening services are not as common, but the desire to rid hair of frizz is ever-present.

To fulfill clients’ in-salon smoothing needs, without permanently altering hair or using toxic chemicals, framesi created the framesi Smoothing System. The framesi Smoothing System uses the safer alternative to formaldehyde, glyoxylic acid. As an active ingredient, glyoxylic acid remodels the molecular structure of hair, resetting the hair pattern into a straighter formation by using water to break the hydrogen bonds of the keratin molecule.

Salon guests have less and less time to spend in the salon for services outside of a cut and color. With this in mind, FRAMESI COLOR LOVER PROGRESSIVELY SMOOTH Leave-In Smoothing Spray is the answer. Using the same magical ingredient as the Framesi Smoothing System, glyoxylic acid, at a lesser concentration allows clients to take it home and use daily to transform and smooth their hair. It also can be used in maintaining the results of a smoothing service significantly longer.

For clients that desire an in salon smoothing treatment, include FRAMESI COLOR LOVER PROGRESSIVELY SMOOTH into the price of this service to maintain smoothing results in between services.

FRAMESI COLOR LOVER PROGRESSIVELY SMOOTH Leave-In Smoothing Spray is unlike anything the current market has to offer. Finally, INNOVATION THAT WORKS!

Like all framesi COLOR LOVER products, FRAMESI COLOR LOVER PROGRESSIVELY SMOOTH Leave-In Smoothing Spray is Paraben Free, Gluten Free, DEA Free, Sulfate Free, and Sodium Chloride Free.



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Andrea Verónika. salón

Extraordinario producto.
Utilizo la línea es muy fiel

shirley Donak

my salon uses framesi color and I love it.She does not have this product.Where can i get it and the price.My hair is frizzy not curly.

Hello Shirley! You are able to purchase FRAMESI COLOR LOVER PROGRESSIVELY SMOOTH here or at your local CosmoProf!


I just purchased Progressively Smooth from my salon. The price was $42.00 I’ve seen it online for less but fear it is not authentic. Where can I purchase if I do not own a salon

Hello Barbara, licensed cosmetologists can purchase through an authorized framesi distributor, please see our list of framesi distributors here:

Lee Atkins

Oh yes! Game changer! I cant keep it in stock!

Lee Ann Hopkins

I would like to see a list of ingredients, where can I find that please?

You can find the ingredients under the tab on our shopping page! Here is the link:


How do you use it

Hello Renee!

Spray on towel-dried hair; work product from root to end. For maximum results, blow dry and flat iron hair. Can also be sprayed to eliminate frizz on air dried or diffused curls.

Gretchen Courter

I am absolutely in love with this product!

Cheryl Gorski

I have naturally curly/wavy hair that frizzes no matter what I do. I use Progressively Smooth by framesi on SOAKING WET hair, right out of the shower. The worst thing you can do is towel dry your hair, especially with curly or wavy hair. I squeeze out any excess water then flip my hair upside down and apply the product that way, root to ends. It keeps the curls looking sharp and smooth.


Will this product straighten a perm?

Using FRAMESI COLOR LOVER PROGRESSIVELY SMOOTH will not totally straighten a perm. Long-term usage will result in a softer, more manageable and defined curl with no frizz!


Why cant I find classes in my are. Ive been wanting to take a class on the straightener for years


Please reach out to framesi’s Education Coordinator Jessica Ogden by emailing

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