A look this colorful, stunning, and dimensional isn’t easy to create, but framesi Italian Style Team member Jessica Roth is sharing her tips and tricks for how to make it come to life. 

Jessica created this look for the TAOTAM Awards at the 2019 America’s Beauty Show in Chicago and had the chance to teach how to create it in a classroom and present it on stage. 


She started out by decolorizing her model’s hair to a level 8/9 (yellow/orange) with framesi DECOLOR B CREAM PLUS — containing a special formula with protective oil to lubricate and protect the hair while minimizing scalp irritation — and FRAMESI PROFESSIONAL ACTIVATOR 20 Volume. 

After decolorizing the hair, she created a 5-point star on the top of the head; everything outside of the star was colored with FRAMCOLOR BOLD in Orchid, Pink, Violet, & Electric Blue formulas.

For her final step, Jessica held each section of the star straight down and painted the rainbows using FRAMCOLOR BOLD Orchid, Pink, Yellow, Cobalt Blue, and Electric Blue, using “U” and “W” formations to create more curved movement with the colors as opposed to straight lines.


“I love the customization abilities the BOLDS give me,” Jessica says. “I can create any shade I want. They blend very well together and don’t run together when I rinse.”

Framesi FRAMCOLOR BOLD is a high concentration direct pigment that offers 100% longer lasting color, true to swatch tone, and remarkable spreadability that allows you to use 50% less. Ammonia-free, gluten-free, and sulfate-free, FRAMCOLOR BOLD is available in 19 intermixable shades for an infinite variety of creative possibilities.

“I loved this look,” Jessica says of her creation that won the creative color competition. “framesi was so awesome at this show. They sent me everything I needed to be successful. It was cool being the only artist using BOLDS. I got to spread the love.” 

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  1. Decolorize the hair to a level 8/9 (yellow/orange) with DECOLOR B CREAM PLUS & FRAMESI PROFESSIONAL ACTIVATOR 20 Volume.
  2. Create the base color with FRAMCOLOR BOLD in Violet, Orchid, & Pink.
  3. Create the rainbow sections on the prelightened midshaft & ends using FRAMCOLOR BOLD Orchid, Pink, Yellow, Cobalt Blue, and Electric Blue. To create the elevated rainbow technique, using a 5-point star pattern in the crown, elevate each section to apply the rainbow melt for more visual movement when the hair lays down.


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