Decadent Romance is Romanticism 4.0. Pastel colors, feeble sensitivity, and affectedness have been shelved: the new Romanticism investigates everyday life and tells the contradictions of our time with poetic expression. It recalls the spirit that, in the Nineties, used to guide the YBAs (Young British Artists) generation. Deeply aware of their times, they have been able to blend conceptual art and unusual materials (such as production rejects) with personal and autobiographical elements. They have always inquired into the great human questions – life, death, religion, love – with the same passion of the poets of the nineteenth century. Decadent Romance is a dark kind of Romanticism, it analyzes daily life with clarity of mind and pragmatism. It does not deny the troubles of life but tries to face them in a positive and gentle way. Romanticism is seen as “an antidote to the harshness of life,” so said Miuccia Prada on the eve of her last fashion show.


Honey Copper Hair Color Application Step-By-Step

You will need:


Honey Copper Hair Color Formulas:

  • FORMULA A: FRAMCOLOR 2001 INTENSE 7.024 (30g/cc/ 1oz) + FRAMESI PROFESSIONAL ACTIVATOR 20 volume (60cc/g/ 2oz) 
  • FORMULA B: FRAMCOLOR 2001 INTENSE 9.036 (20 g/cc/ 2/3 oz) + FRAMCOLOR 2001 9TRP (10 g/cc/ 1/3oz) + FRAMESI PROFESSIONAL ACTIVATOR 20 volume (60cc/g/ 2oz) 
  • FORMULA C: DECOLOR B DIAMOND + FRAMESI PROFESSIONAL ACTIVATOR 20 volume (1:1.5 mix ratio), to be used with STRIKE4 Flat Iron Processing Sheets.


1.  Color the entire base at the roots with FORMULA A.

2. Apply the color on 1¼“ roots in the crown area and on ¾“ roots in the remaining hair.

    3. While applying the color, pull the cream lightly downwards with the brush not to create a straight line.

    4. After rinsing and blow-dry, create some contrasts with STRIKE4 Flat Iron Processing Sheets.

    5. Subdivide the head into 6 sections: 1 – a front rectangle between ¾ of the eyebrow arches and the center juncture 2 and 3 – from the front section to the tip of the ears 4, 5 and 6 – the back area In sections 2, 3, 4 and 6, make 2 cm (¾“) thick subsections.

    6. Place every subsection in the middle of a STRIKE4 paper.

    7. Subdivide the strand as for creating highlights and separate one part of the hair.
    8. Color the hair left on the paper with FORMULA B and fold one side.

    9. Place the isolated hair on STRIKE4, apply FORMULA C (DECOLOR B DIAMOND + FRAMESI PROFESSIONAL ACTIVATOR 10) and fold the other side. In sections 1 and 5 do the same on horizontal subsections.

    10. Complete the process by flat ironing each of the STRIKE4 sheets, first tapping up and down the sheet, then a gentle gliding motion for 5 passes.


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    Long Hair Fringe Cut Italian Style Cutting Step-by-Step

    A new twist to the standard long layered cut!


    1. Isolate the hair according to the sectioning diagram and list below:


    • SECTION A – trace two lines from ¼ of the eyebrow arches to 2 cm (¾“) before the vertex.

    • SECTION B – trace two lines from the end of the eyebrow arches to the vertex.

    • SECTIONS C – trace a line from the mastoid to mastoid passing through the vertex.

    • SECTIONS D and E – trace a curved line from the crown line passing 3 cm (1¼“) above the occipital bone.


    1. SECTION E – define the perimeter by cutting square to mid-back.

    2.  SECTION D – at the vertex create a small guide at the chin.

    3. Now, comb the hair perpendicular to the section and cut to the guide with the Open & Close technique, going slightly longer while keeping your fingers palm up and parallel to the floor.

    4. Making radial partings connect sections D and E with the Sliding Cut technique.

    5.  SECTIONS D and E – trace a curved line from the crown line passing 3 cm (1¼“) above the occipital bone.

    6. SECTION A – point cut to the bridge of the nose.

    7.  SECTION B – comb the hair in natural fall and slide cut from the cheekbone to below the clavicle.

    8. SECTIONS C – point cut square the side sections to define the perimeter.

    9. Keeping the hair inside the hairline, layer both sections with the Open&Close technique from the guide to maximum length. (OPEN& CLOSE TECHNIQUE: “Open and Close” shears while gently slide cutting from reference point to reference point).

    10. Customize the fringe with the Dry Cutting technique.


    Styling Step-By-Step:

    Step 1: Apply FRAMESI COLOR LOVER Raise The Roots on roots and lengths.

    Step 2: Blow-dry the hair completely, eliminating the frizz using a spider brush.
    Step 3: Now, take diagonal sections, as in the diagram, and create waves twisting the hair around the flat iron.
    Step 4: Spray BY Mist Hair Spray Light and brush the hair to open the waves.

    Step 5: Apply BY Glaze on the fringe, create a finger wave, pin it and blow-dry with a diffuser.


    Take-Home Treatment:





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