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I just started using Glamour, what does 1 + 1 mean? I have a lady that has 50 gray what would you suggest?


I think it means 1:1 ratio same amount of developer to color


1+1 is the mixing ratio of 1 part color to 1 part developer. And Glamour guarantees 100% gray coverage at every shade so the percentage of gray will only effect processing time. For more resistant gray you’ll want to process for 45 minutes. To get a beautiful 6 level red, if the client does not have virgin hair, be sure to purify the hair to a level 7. I would then recommend using 10cc 6.4 and 20cc 6.56 to get a nice cool red. I also suggest in this situation it is imperative to do a test strand to ensure that the client is happy with the shade. Please call our technical hotline at 1-800-245-6323 with any additional quesitons.


I’m looking at the formula for peach blond. She wants her hair red but not screaming red and not to dark. What would b a happy medium?


level 5 6


What is the red color on the model on the left in the picture on this page and the red hilite?


I used the formula for 9 e 8 g and 660 10 vol. over my previous bleached hilite said and the were pretty but more pink than peach what would you recommend adding to make it more peach over blonde hilites? I also have a client that is 100% grey (white) and would like her hair tinted the purple pastel do u think you can recommend a formula? 620 maybe with like 9 of something as well?

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