Framcolor 2001 #1 Intro Offer

The perfect introductory kit for the salon professional. Contains everything you need to get started with Framcolor 2001.

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Intro Deal consisting of:

90 Tubes of Framcolor 2001
2 Tubes of Framcolor Eclectic
6 Developers (Ossidorr 15, Ossidorr 20, Proxima 25, Proxima 30, Proxima 40, Framcolor Eclectic Activator – Basic)
1 Mixcolor Crema
1 DeColor B Diamond
1 Color Method Step 1 GO Shampoo
1 Color Method Step 2 Post Color
1 Color Method Step 3 Mask
1 Color Method Step 4 Supersmak
1 Color Method Relief
1 Color Method Gray Color Booster

1 BY SO Stiff Extreme Hold Spray
1 BY Sparkling Mousse Strong
1 FRAMESI COLOR LOVER Moisture Rich Shampoo 16.9 oz
1 FRAMESI COLOR LOVER Moisture Rich Conditioner 16.9 0z.
1 FRAMESI COLOR LOVER Smooth Shine Shampoo 16.9 oz.
1 FRAMESI COLOR LOVER Smooth Shine Conditioner 16.9 oz

In-Salon Education (see How To tab)
Tech for A Day
Color Clinic

1 Framcolor 2001 Swatch Book
1 Framcolor 2001 Paper Wallchart
1 Framcolor 2001 Technical Manual
1 Framcolor 2001 Color Comparison Guide
1 Framcolor Eclectic Paper Wallchart
1 Framcolor Eclectic Marketing Brochure
1 Framcolor Eclectic Color Comparison Guide 
1 BY framesi™ Brochure (Pearl/Lava)
1 DeColor B Brochure
1 Color Method Brochure
1 Mixcolor Technical Manual
1 Mixcolor Brochure
1 Elite Moda Capelli Brochure
2 Mixing Bowls
2 Application Brushes
2 Plastic Measures
2 Tube Keys

*Offer is limited to Salons who have not purchased the Framcolor 2001 product line in the past year.


How To

Tech for A Day – Following your purchase of this offer, a framesi technician will spend a day in your salon introducing Framcolor 2001®. The day will begin with a 90-minute informative presentation on how to formulate and use framesi color. For the remainder of the day, the technician will work hands-on with you and your stylists to assist in converting your existing clients to framesi formulations.

Color Clinic – Within 3-4 weeks following Tech for a Day, a framesi technician will conduct an in-salon, 6-hour clinic customized to your needs to ensure complete support during your transition to Framcolor 2001®. The technician will open with a 2-hour presentation tailored to address your specific questions. The remainder of the day is a hands-on workshop with models or color clients provided by the salon.

*Your framesi distributor will schedule your classes. A framesi representative will contact you within 30 days of purchase.



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