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Framcolor Futura is a permanent hair color creme that revitalizes hair color in 45 long lasting, exclusive shades. With Framcolor Futura you can easily color hair up to 4 tones lighter and completely cover gray hair.

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60 ml / 2 fl. oz.
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Find Your Shade | 45 Shades

Shade Number / Name
SKU Number

10C – Pale Iridescent Ash

SKU: 019429-031
In Stock

10N – Mother of Pearl

SKU: 019429-032
In Stock

1N – Black

SKU: 019429-001
In Stock

2N – Brown

SKU: 019429-002
In Stock

3N – Dark Chestnut

SKU: 019429-003
In Stock

4C – Medium Chestnut Ash

SKU: 019429-011
In Stock

4N – Medium Chestnut

SKU: 019429-004
In Stock

4NN – Medium Chestnut Intense

SKU: 026517-000
In Stock

4XN – Medium Warm Chestnut

SKU: 023029-000
In Stock

5C – Pale Ash Chestnut

SKU: 019429-012
In Stock

5M – Mahogany

SKU: 019429-036
In Stock

5N – Light Chestnut

SKU: 019429-005
In Stock

5NN – Light Chestnut Intense

SKU: 026518-000
In Stock

5XN – Light Warm Chestnut

SKU: 023030-000
In Stock

6C – Dark Ash Blonde

SKU: 019429-013
In Stock

6D – Dark Golden Blonde

SKU: 019429-027
In Stock

6DS – Dark Golden Super

SKU: 019429-046
In Stock

6N – Dark Blonde

SKU: 019429-006
In Stock

6NN – Dark Blonde Intense

SKU: 026519-000
In Stock

6R – Titian Red

SKU: 019429-037
In Stock

6RS – Intense Fire Super Red

SKU: 019429-050
In Stock

6XN – Dark Warm Blonde

SKU: 023031-000
In Stock

7A – Misty Grey

SKU: 019429-017
In Stock

7C – Medium Ash Blonde

SKU: 019429-014
In Stock

7D – Medium Golden Blonde

SKU: 019429-021
In Stock

7N – Medium Blonde

SKU: 019429-007
In Stock

7NN – Medium Blonde Intense

SKU: 026520-000
In Stock

7R – Fire Red

SKU: 019429-038
In Stock

7TR – Bright Titian

SKU: 019429-040
In Stock

7XN – Medium Warm Blonde

SKU: 023032-000
In Stock

8C – Pale Ash Blonde

SKU: 019429-015
In Stock

8D – Pale Golden Blonde

SKU: 019429-022
In Stock

8N – Light Blonde

SKU: 019429-008
In Stock

8NN – Light Blonde Intense

SKU: 026521-000
In Stock

8R – Copper Red

SKU: 019429-039
In Stock

8XN – Light Warm Blonde

SKU: 023033-000
In Stock

9C – Very Pale Ash Blonde

SKU: 019429-016
In Stock

9D – Very Pale Golden Blonde

SKU: 019429-025
In Stock

9N – Very Pale Blonde

SKU: 019429-009
In Stock

9NN – Very Pale Blonde Intense

SKU: 026522-000
In Stock

9XN – Very Pale Warm Blonde

SKU: 023034-000
In Stock

SS Plus – Ultra Lift Plus

SKU: 019431-000
In Stock

SSA – Silver High Lift

SKU: 019430-001
In Stock

SSB – Beige High Lift

SKU: 019430-002
In Stock

SSC – Ash High Lift

SKU: 019430-003
In Stock


Framcolor Futura is a classic coloring line that guarantees the highest performance.

Feature   Benefit
Vegetable Coconut Oil Cream Base- Coconut oil is superior to all vegetable oils in penetrating the hair fiber to minimize protein loss during a chemical service Superior Condition 
Less damage (even after repeated chemical services) 
Ammonia odor is masked
Protects hair fiber
Low 2% Ammonia Less cuticle opening
Less fading
Pre-blended Xtra Natural Series Used alone to cover even the most resistant gray, with warm, natural results 
Pure base colors  The purest Reds and Golds with no Browns
Unlimited creativity
Achieve the most vibrant, vivid results 
True cream base colors with perfect consistency Superior gray coverage
Better placement of color
Even color results from root to end 
Ultra refined balanced color dyes Deeper, more even penetration
Will not fade off tone
More precise color- from the most natural to the most vibrant 
Over 40 shade selections with 11 base colors Wide spectrum of color to choose from
All colors are intermixable
Greater precision in formulating
Unlimited creativity 
How To

How To


1:1 ratio of cream color to developer

Squeeze desired amount of color from tube. (Each tube is marked in six 10cc increments, so you simply squeeze the desired amount to the necessary line).

Pour developer into the measuring beaker to the correct mark. (Each line on the beaker equals 5cc).

First blend the color in a bowl, then add the developer in three stages, blending thoroughly after each addition. This will maintain the creamy richness of Framcolor Futura.

All framesi color products are designed for a brush-and-bowl application.

Technical Assistance



Aqua, Cetearyl Alcohol, Propylene Glycol, Ammonium Hydroxyde, Ceteareth-50, PEG-20 Stearate,Ceteareth-20, Parfum, Ascorbic Acid, Sodium Sulfite, SodiumHydrosulfite, Simethicone, Tetrasodium EDTA, 2,3-Naphtalenediol, p-Phenylenediamine, Resorcinol, 2,6-Diaminopryridine, 1-Naphtol, p-Aminophenol, m-Aminophenol, Toluene-3,4-Diamine, p-Methylaminophenol

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