Flat Iron Processing Sheets

Save 20 MINUTES of processing time per color service with STRIKE4!

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Save 20 MINUTES of processing time per color service with STRIKE4!

  • Flat Iron Processing Sheets to process DIRECT AND OXIDATE PIGMENTS in 20 SECONDS!
  • Reduce processing time to 20 seconds and protect the hair.

100 disposable sheets per box

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1 review for STRIKE4

  1. Sharon

    Well if this product works as well on clients as it did my mannequin, I am in love! The process really worked, the color is staying even after washing with dish soap (for experimentation) and the bold colors are beautiful. Wish me luck next week with my first client. It will be saving all of us a ton of time and I feel that it will be sealing the bold colors in to stay longer.

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