Got a guy on your holiday shopping list? He’ll love these choice selections for all his grooming needs!

Elevate your gifting game with these custom collections!

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More is always better! Thicken and strengthen hair with these fortifying gifts.


For thinning hair and oily scalps, this reinforcing ritual of Shampoo, Energizing Spray and Activator Drops has a sebum-regulating and vasodilating effect that boosts circulation, nourishes and stimulates the follicles, and leaves the hair stronger and bouncier. With visible, certified results!

Framesi BARBER GEN Fortifying Shampoo

Formulated for men’s finer, weaker hair, it has an excellent revitalizing and strengthening effect, adding body and thickness to the hair. The result is thicker feeling hair that is easy to style.

Framesi BARBER GEN Volumizing Lotion

A volumizing spray, ideal for fine hair. It gives a bouncy texture and a natural volume that lasts all day. An instant result: the hair fibre looks thicker, bouncier and lighter.


Good enough for Santa!

Framesi BARBER GEN Hair & Beard Natural Cleanser Shampoo

Ideal for frequent use, it contains 98% naturally-sourced ingredients. It cleanses and leaves a refreshing scent, softens and moisturizes, leaving the scalp and face feeling light and fresh.

Framesi BARBER GEN Beard Oil

Nourishing, softening beard oil. It moisturizes and adds shine, making the hair soft and manageable. Suitable for all beards, it is ideal for long beards that need to be kept soft and sculpted.


Ideal for frequent use, it contains 98% naturally-sourced ingredients. Gives softness and hydration, adding a finishing touch to your daily cleansing routine.


For the guy in your life who keeps it smooth. 

Framesi BARBER GEN Shaving Gel

A clear gel for fine shaving and touch-ups. Essential to define details, it can be used to perfectly shave the contours of your beard and get rid of any imperfection.

Framesi BARBER GEN Shaving Foam

Light and soft, it lathers into a creamy foam that perfectly adheres to the skin, protecting it and giving you a smooth shave.

Framesi BARBER GEN After Shave Cream

Moisturizing and softening, specially formulated for men’s skin. It is easily absorbed and leaves the skin of your face soft and firm, with no greasy feelings.

Framesi BARBER GEN Ice Tonic

A soothing, refreshing lotion for the face and skin. Ideal for after shaving, it instantly soothes and redness or irritation, leaving a persistently fresh feeling.


From sleek styles to bold looks, sculpt the perfect holiday hair with these styling essentials!

framesi BY Hydro-Gel Light

A styling and sculpting gel that creates natural, flexible hold while adding volume and shine.

framesi BY Hydro-Gel Strong

A strong hold gel that fortifies hair, leaving no residue. Volumizes and enhances shine.

framesi BY Working Clay

A dry, yet workable strong hold sculpting wax that gives hair the flexibility to shape and reshape with a matte finish.

Framesi BARBER GEN Paste

Strong-hold matte paste. Perfect to control your hairstyle, with a natural-looking satin finish.

Framesi BARBER GEN Pomade

Extra-strong glossy wax. Ideal for sculpted styles and a well-defined, glossy finish.

Framesi BARBER GEN Opaque Pomade

Extra-strong matte pomade. For firmly set and perfectly controlled locks. Ideal for a sculpted look.

Framesi BARBER GEN Glazing Wax

Strong-hold wet-look wax. For sculpted, firm and shiny locks, all day long.


Check out our Gift Guide For Hair Care and Styling!


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