Finally, a non-progressive permanent haircolor that processes in HALF the processing time! Low cost at two applications per tube with a 1:2 mix ratio for 100% gray coverage and 4 levels of lift! After 3 years of research, and over 4000 on-head applications, enter framesi FRAMCOLOR 2001 INTENSE! Use alone or mix with framesi FRAMCOLOR 2001 for 112+ shades that process in HALF THE TIME

There are several truths in the beauty industry that have remained unchanged over the years: color doesn’t lift color, the only way to ensure results is a test strand, and color processes for 30-45 minutes. There have been attempts by others to shorten the processing time through quick-processing colors, but in doing so, have compromised their ability to cover gray, condition the hair, and impart shine. These colors are often progressive (better not leave it too long or that level 6 might end up a level 4). None have come close to providing 100% gray coverage with excellent condition, shine, and longevity, with INTENSE, and vibrant shades…until now.

Framesi FRAMCOLOR 2001 INTENSE features an innovative technology exclusively from framesi called FPP, or Fast Pigmentation Processing, an INNOVATIVE  synergy of three main components to create unbeatable results with HALF the processing time:
  1. Luminous Hi-Fi shades perfectly calibrated to guarantee coverage at the intended level (non-progressive) with no build-up
  2. Innovative carrier system transports haircolor dyes quickly into the cortex
  3. Accelerated haircolor dyes that are stabilized to quickly expand and become permanent in HALF the time.  These dyes are NON-PROGRESSIVE, which means that a 6 level will still be a 6 level, even if you process 5, 20, or 45 minutes longer.

Framesi FRAMCOLOR 2001 INTENSE also has a user-friendly comfort formula with virtually no ammonia odor and low client sensitivity.  FRAMCOLOR 2001 INTENSE is easy to prepare and mixes in seconds, even in a bottle or a shaker. It has extreme spreadability due to the age-defying conditioning cream base,  so less color goes further. FRAMCOLOR 2001 INTENSE mixes at a 1:2 color to developer mix ratio, which means two clients, one tube, HALF the processing time!

While there already are many things to love about FRAMCOLOR 2001 INTENSE, it gets even better… mix FRAMCOLOR 2001 INTENSE with FRAMCOLOR 2001 (50/50) to create 112+ colors that process in HALF the time! The key is to mix at least 50% FRAMCOLOR 2001 INTENSE with FRAMCOLOR 2001. The end result is a deeper, cooler, more solid finish. Looking for the perfect copper? Reach for your FRAMCOLOR 2001 TRP series with FRAMCOLOR 2001 INTENSE Cool Golds. Trying to achieve the most perfect brown-red? Grab the FRAMCOLOR 2001 NPs or EXNs to add to your INTENSE Red. Mixing FRAMCOLOR 2001 INTENSE and FRAMCOLOR 2001 creates an unlimited palette of colors that process in HALF THE TIME!

For 74 years, framesi has been providing INNOVATION That Works… consistent, superior products with integrity. This year, framesi is getting INTENSE. framesi FRAMCOLOR 2001 INTENSE, 22 shades (112+ if mixed with FRAMCOLOR 2001) that process in  HALF THE TIME with 100% gray coverage and 4 levels of lift without compromising hair condition, shine, and longevity. So did you call your distributor yet? It’s time to get INTENSE with FRAMCOLOR 2001 INTENSE.

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