Stylists Talk : Framesi FAST : Jennifer Gallagher

Framesi FAST (suite of products) has saved me many times when I’ve been given a limited window of opportunity to accommodate a client’s needs.

Whether it be the client that shows up 20 minutes late and still needs to be seen, or the client who has a ton of hair and whose only availability is at the end of my shift.

I think that cutting processing time is going to save me a lot moving forward as well. With new safety protocols in place, if I’m only able to see one client at a time, it’s crucial that I get done each of those clients that much quicker, in order to accommodate everybody. And I can do that with framesi FAST.

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framesi is dedicated to you, the professional. Our products have always been professional only and are sold exclusively to licensed hairdressers. framesi never sells its products to retail chains or discount beauty outlets. So when you use framesi, you know you are giving your clients the best that only you can give.