Stylists Talk : framesi FAST : Joey Frisch

Check out how Joey Frisch, framesi educator, plans to save time, make more money, and create customizable formulations using the framesi FAST suite of products, tools and techniques. 


A *MUST SEE* video on how to handle the backlog of clients.


“Hi, my name is Joey and I am a framesi educator and a stylist.

I want to tell you why I believe that framesi FAST products will be more important than ever when salons reopen all over the country.

You know we’re going to have a backlog of clients and every one of those clients are going to want to be seen at the same time, which we physically cannot do. But with the framesi FAST products we will be able to accommodate more clients in a day, making them feel happy and beautiful in less time than we would have been able to do before.

Retouch gray hair with our FRAMCOLOR 2001 INTENSE in HALF THE TIME: leaving the hair uncompromised.

Take a service like a partial foil and introduce the Color Me Diamond Technique (a technique within the framesi FAST suite) using our STIRKE4 (Flat Iron Processing Sheets) papers and our Decolor B Diamond lightener and create half-head highlights in HALF THE TIME (30 Minutes – Start to Finish).

I believe that salons need this tool in order to save time, make more money, and create customizable formulations for your clients that they can’t get anywhere else.

I believe that every salon in the country needs this as we go through this pandemic, and I hope that you have faith, and we’re staying healthy and safe. And with that, we can reopen as soon as possible because I know I’m dying to get my hands and someone’s hair really soon.

Thanks for watching.”

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