Stylists Talk : framesi FAST : Lori Brooks

Check out how Lori Brooks, framesi artistic team member, uses STRIKE4 Flat Iron Processing Sheets to save time with a variety of techniques! 


A *MUST SEE* video to learn all the different uses for STRIKE4!


“I feel like one product in our framesi FAST category that every stylist needs is our STRIKE4 Flat Iron Processing Sheets.

There’s a variety of ways that we can use them to be able to achieve different results. And when you’re applying one application in these papers, you’re processing them with a flat iron at a specific temperature. And it’s processed in 20 seconds. So it’s a huge time saver in that aspect, but also in the variability of the way that we can utilize them.

I can use them with our DECOLOR B DIAMOND and I can achieve highlights in a client’s hair.

I can use them with our FRAMCOLOR 2001 LIGHT&SHINE, which is going to lift and deposit contrast tone in one step, and I can apply that and I can use that to be able to create some beautiful reds or some more natural tones in 20 seconds and process it.

I can use my (STRIKE4) Flat Iron Processing Sheets to do a test strand on a client who’s coming in for maybe a color correction or slight color change or an adjustment and make sure that the base color that I’m choosing to apply is the correct one for what I want to achieve for that particular client.

I can do lowlights, so there’s a variety of things that I can do. Oh! And even pre-lightning the hair with our STRIKE4 Flat Iron Processing Sheets with our Decolor B Diamond, and then doing a deposition with our FRAMCOLOR BOLD to be able to create some of those very fun, dimensional, bright, vivid colors for those clients that want to achieve that particular look.”

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