Framesi FRAMCOLOR 2001 INTENSE has been a complete game-changer when it comes to efficiency in the salon. Not only are you saving time & money, but you do NOT need to sacrifice gray coverage, condition, or shine on your client’s hair! 

With framesi FRAMCOLOR 2001 INTENSE you can achieve:

  • 2 Clients per tube. LOW COST! 1:2 mix ratio
  • Use alone or mix with framesi FRAMCOLOR 2001 for 130+ shades that PROCESS IN HALF THE TIME!
  • Non-progressive formulation
  • 100% gray coverage

What does 1:2 mix ratio mean?

Each color application requires 1 oz. of product (30cc or half the color tube) mixed with 2 oz. of FRAMESI PROFESSIONAL ACTIVATOR for a total of 3 oz. of color mixture.

Stylists that use FRAMCOLOR 2001 INTENSE can color 2 clients with just one tube!

FRAMCOLOR 2001 INTENSE gives stylists the chance to create custom shades with a cooler, deeper, and denser dimension. This pairs perfectly with the warmer, soft, and naturally reflective finish of FRAMCOLOR 2001. The client’s haircolor goals are constantly changing and stylists need an arsenal that can ‘do it all’. That is why FRAMCOLOR 2001 INTENSE is able to be mixed with FRAMCOLOR 2001: offering all of the amazing benefits, including processing in half the time.


If you want to learn more about how to properly mix FRAMCOLOR 2001 INTENSE with your FRAMCOLOR 2001, click HERE!

With 100% gray coverage on even the most resistant gray hair, INTENSE can make any color application easy with dependable results.



FRAMESI FRAMCOLOR 2001 INTENSE for 100% gray coverage! Every time!



Everyone loves a good platinum blonde, and toning your platinum to the desired shade can be tricky if you do not have the right tools. @Ameliahairmakeup uses 10.62 with a ribbon of 7.00 + 10 volume to achieve this ashy silver-blonde in half the normal processing time.

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Trust is so important between a client & stylist.. and nothing is better than when a client says, “I trust you.” ????The process can seem a little daunting, so I always try to explain every step along the way, especially when they see their hair raw (untoned) after lightening. I love when my client almost stops me from reassuring them and just says, “I trust you.” It’s the best! ???? Let’s show those clients some appreciation and tag your most trusting clients in the comments! ???????? We love you! ???? To achieve this look; I did heavy baby lights all around her face and backcombed in diagonal sections right behind the face frame, all the way to her crown. I toned with @framesiusa #framcolor2001 10.62 with a ribbon of 7.00 + 10 volume. These process in half the time, which I love! Saving time is everything in the salon. These colors are also super shiny & incredibly versatile.????And it’s cruelty-free which is always important to me ???????? You can always find #Framesiusa at @cosmoprofbeauty ???? #cosmoprofbeauty #licensedtocreate #cosmopro #cosmoprofartisticteam #sponsored

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FRAMESI FRAMCOLOR 2001 INTENSE is conditioning.

Perfect for your clients that need a little extra boost of luminosity after a lightening service! INTENSE permanent color offers hair superior condition, shine, and longevity. Take care of toning and conditioning in one quick step, just apply FRAMCOLOR 2001 INTENSE.

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Fun Fact: Majority of my clientele is Asian and I freaking love it!! ???? Gimme all that dark, coarse hair and lemme make it blonde af, thanks! ???? And let me just say to ALL of my clients, I SO appreciate your patience!! ???? I know you are stuck in my chair for most of your day, with pounds of foils on your head, and I can’t even give you a definite time of when you will be out. That’s right stylists, I can give a guesstimate but realistically, it’s ready when it’s ready. ????????‍♀️ And my clients know to basically clear their schedule the day they’re getting their hair done. It is what it is. Never compare your timing to someone else’s because good hair takes serious time! Sometimes I think I care more about my client’s hair than they do. ???? It’s an OBSESSION. The best is after a looong session we ask, “Do you want waves?” And they’ll be like, “I mean it’s fine, you don’t have to.. if you think I should” and I’m like “Yes! Honestly this is for me, not you.” ???? #sorrynotsorry Like I know it’s your hair, but I have a personal attachment to it now and just gotta treat it right, ya know? ????????‍♀️ Speaking of treating it right, I have been loving using @framesiusa Framcolor 2001 Intense 10.66 and 10.62 as a toner because it is insanely conditioning, adds a ton of shine to the hair, and is just beautiful! ???? Shoutout to my amazing protege @miareneehair for being my right hand lady & making me laugh all day!???? #framesiusa @cosmoprofbeauty #licensedtocreate #artisticteam #sponsored

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FRAMESI FRAMCOLOR 2001 INTENSE is not just for natural color.

Quickly create INTENSE permanent haircolor shades that pop in HALF THE PROCESSING TIME!

Here is the #framesiFORMULA!


  • DECOLOR B DIAMOND Lightener + 20 volume
  • Mix 20g of 10.62 + 1g of 5.066 and 2 parts of 20 volume







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What do you guys think of this lavender transformation on my boy @jonono ! Comes to visit Portland, gets Unicorn’d within 3 hrs. ???????????? But in all honesty can you believe @framesiusa Diamond Lightener!?! His level 2 natural lifted that beautifully with just 20vol!! Their decolorizer lifts 9+ levels and leaves the hair so soft! The diamond specks give some serious shine too! I then mixed a formula of 20g 10.62 plus just 1g of 5.066 and 2 parts 20v!! And processed for JUST TEN MINUTES! ????I’m obsessed, obvi. ???? #framesi2001intense is Vegan and cruelty free. Gluten free. Sulfate free. And it’s 100% grey coverage processes in half the time of traditional color, while being non-progressive and an economic mixing ratio of 1:2! And as you can see it’s beautiful color portfolio has endless creative possibilities! What more could you ask for! ???? @cosmoprofbeauty has all the Framesi goodies your heart desires! . . . #pdxvividhair #pdxhairstylist #pdxhair #portlandartist #portlandstylist #portlandunicornhair #portlandvividcolor #alternativeportland #cosmoprofbeauty #licensedtocreate #cosmopro #fremesiusa #sponsored #beautylaunchpad #pdxartist #pdxart #theunicorntribe #taotam #pnwstyle #hairtrends #hairslayerz #pastelgoth #modernsalon #lavenderhair #pastelhair

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framesi is dedicated to you, the professional. Our products have always been professional only and are sold exclusively to licensed hairdressers. framesi never sells its products to retail chains or discount beauty outlets. So when you use framesi, you know you are giving your clients the best that only you can give.