One of the best resources is the Pantone Color of the Year. Why I love Pantone? Well, it’s fashion. Their color choice is determined by what is going on in society, on the streets besides influences abroad. 

I remember when I thought fashion trends were solely decided by some designer in Paris, who said, “Ruffles are the thing this Spring” and everyone went out and wore ruffles whether they liked them or not. However, fashion is not dictated solely by designers. Rather, the designers are dictated by us, “society”. If we do not want to wear ruffles, then we won’t.
I love to studying fashion; I feel it is like an anthropological reflection of us. Pantone’s approach is
to study society before determining their “color” of the year. Their color selection of the year is a
representation of who we are and how we feel in our own space and time. This year, Pantone picked two colors which is a first! I was so enchanted with their choices and I “got it” immediately.

pantoneThe colors for 2016 are Rose Quartz and Serenity Blue. Imagine Pink and Blue! In SalonU, my salon, our focus is, “It’s all about you”, our clients. This is the driving force for why we do all of the “little things” that make a more relaxing environment for all menu services. We conduct scalp massages, provide a dimmer switch over the shampoo area, and have ergonomically designed shampoo chairs and bowls that give the ultimate in comfort. I believe that as a “society”, we are all craving a little more attention, peace and tranquility. There’s enough stress in our daily lives and our goal at salon U is to alleviate it.
In my salon last year, I was coloring a lot of grey and silver hair but this year I am moving towards doing a lot of pink and blue! My advice to myself is to shake it up! I thought I would do pink on a boy and blue on a girl. Why not? The pink I did for Wyatt is a very vintage looking soft pink. I did not want a loud pink, but rather a relaxing, soft Quartz. The Blue on Lena is an Ombre, baby blue, tranquil and spring like opting for a pastel providing a fresher look.
Pantone released two colors of the year for the first time: serenity and rose quartz.
Pantone, a company known for providing color systems and communications of color, began releasing the color of the year in 2000. The color of the year usually symbolizes what we see in pop culture and how it serves as an expression of a mood and an attitude, according to Pantone’s website. The chosen color is used by designers and retailers all year. The reason Pantone is responsible for deciding the color of the year is because it is a company that defines the standard of color accuracy for industries where color is crucial. Serenity is a light, baby blue and rose quartz is a pale pink. 


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