Demi-Permanent Haircolor

Framcolor Eclectic offers a demi-permanent ammonia free, PPD free, and fragrance free color that won’t alter the structure of the hair and ensures and intense and lasting shade. Provides up to 100% gray coverage!

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Shade Number / Name
SKU Number

2NE – Natural Deep Brown

SKU: 023949-001
In Stock

3IN – Dark Chestnut Intense Natural

SKU: 023949-034
In Stock

3NE – Dark Chestnut

SKU: 023949-002
In Stock

4CVE – Medium Purple Chestnut

SKU: 023949-016
In Stock

4HCE – Medium Hazel Chocolate

SKU: 023949-023
In Stock

4IN – Medium Chestnut Intense Natural

SKU: 023949-035
In Stock

4NE – Medium Chestnut

SKU: 023949-003
In Stock

5HCE – Light Hazel Chocolate

SKU: 023949-024
In Stock

5IN – Light Chestnut Intense Natural

SKU: 023949-036
In Stock

5ME – Light Violet Mahogany Chestnut

SKU: 023949-017
In Stock

5NE – Light Chestnut

SKU: 023949-004
In Stock

5SE – Dark Smokey Gray

SKU: 026465-000
In Stock

6DE – Dark Golden

SKU: 023949-009
In Stock

6HCE – Dark Blonde Chocolate

SKU: 023949-025
In Stock

6IN – Dark Blonde Intense Natural

SKU: 023949-037
In Stock

6NE – Dark Blonde

SKU: 023949-005
In Stock

6RDE – Dark Golden Coppery Blonde

SKU: 023949-013
In Stock

6RFE – Medium Fire Red

SKU: 023949-029
In Stock

6SE – Medium Smokey Gray

SKU: 026466-000
In Stock

6VE – Pure Violet

SKU: 023949-019
In Stock

7AE – Pure Orange

SKU: 023949-020
In Stock

7DE – Medium Golden

SKU: 023949-010
In Stock

7HCE – Medium Blonde Chocolate

SKU: 023949-026
In Stock

7IN – Medium Blonde Intense Natural

SKU: 023949-038
In Stock

7NE – Medium Blonde

SKU: 023949-006
In Stock

7PE – Pearl Medium Blonde

SKU: 026464-000
In Stock

7RDE – Medium Golden Coppery Blonde

SKU: 023949-014
In Stock

7RE – Pure Red

SKU: 023949-021
In Stock

7RFE – Pale Fire Red

SKU: 023949-030
In Stock

7SE – Smokey Gray

SKU: 026446-000
In Stock

8CT – Cool Anti-Orange Toner

SKU: 026447-000
In Stock

8DE – Pale Golden

SKU: 023949-011
In Stock

8HCE – Light Blonde Chocolate

SKU: 023949-027
In Stock

8IN – Light Blonde Intense Natural

SKU: 023949-039
In Stock

8NE – Light Blonde

SKU: 023949-007
In Stock

8PE – Light Pearl Blonde

SKU: 023949-031
In Stock

8RDE – Light Golden Coppery Blonde

SKU: 023949-015
In Stock

8SE – Light Smokey Gray

SKU: 026467-000
In Stock

9AT – Warm Toner Apricot

SKU: 026451-000
In Stock

9CT – Cool Anti-Yellow Toner

SKU: 026448-000
In Stock

9DE – Very Pale Golden

SKU: 023949-012
In Stock

9GE – Pure Yellow

SKU: 023949-022
In Stock

9HCE – Very Light Blonde Chocolate

SKU: 023949-028
In Stock

9HT – Warm Toner Honey

SKU: 026450-000
In Stock

9NDE – Pale Natural Golden Blonde

SKU: 023949-008
In Stock

9PE – Very Light Pearl Blonde

SKU: 023949-032
In Stock

9SE – Very Light Smokey Gray

SKU: 026468-000
In Stock

OE – Neutral

SKU: 023949-018
In Stock


Framcolor Eclectic is a sophisticated, intense, and amazingly vivid, demi-permanent hair color.

Yes It Is Yes You Can No It Won’t
Ammonia Free
PPD Free
Fragrance Free
2 applications per tube
More economical than other demo-permanents
Shake it in a bottle
Intermix the shades
Cover gray up to 100%
Use on previously tinted or chemically relaxed hair
Build up on the hair
Lift natural hair color
Fade quickly or off-tone

The ideal clients for Framcolor Eclectic
Are sensitive to ammonia or PPD dyes
Have just begun getting gray hair
Want no commitment to permanent haircolor
Change their color often
Want fabulous shine
Have damaged, porous, bleached hair
Are in the sun, pool, or sea often
Are men with gray hair (results in 5 minutes)
Flat iron their hair daily
Use chemical relaxers or smoothing system
Need a toner or low lights
Need to balance their color after a touch-up

How To

How To

Mix 1 oz. color with 2 oz. developer

Prepare the color mixture immediately before use
The recommended developers for diluting Framcolor Eclectic are FRAMESI PROFESSIONAL ACTIVATOR 10 vol or 15 vol.
The ratio of color to developer must always be 2:1 (2 parts developer to 1 part color)
The choice of developer volumes depends on the desired result.
FRAMESI PROFESSIONAL ACTIVATOR 10 – For standard services, men and gray blending
FRAMESI PROFESSIONAL ACTIVATOR 15 – For gray coverage and brighter, vivid results
Processing times are 35 minutes for all of the shades

Technical Assistance



Water (Aqua/Eau), Cetearyl Alcohol, Propylene Glycol, Stearic Acid, Ethanolamine, Sodium Hydroxide, Ceteareth-50, Sodium Hydrosulfite, Tocopheryl Acetate, Ascorbic Acid, Mel (Honey) Extract, Diamond Powder, Toluene-2, 5-Diamine Sulfate, m-Aminophenol, 2-Methylresorcinol.

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